Fall is here, and before we know it, the Christmas holidays will be upon us. The Christmas season offers many opportunities for sales. People like to give gifts they know the recipient will enjoy and most people enjoy receiving food items as gifts. Two excellent gift items are gift cards and gift boxes.

Gift Cards

Gift cards are a very easy item to offer as they can be in any amount from small to large. Remember they are going to be a gift, so make the extra effort to make them look special. I suggest putting the gift certificate in an attractive holiday card. You might consider using a holiday card that features your business. You can also go the extra mile and put the gift card in a wrapped box that also contains a flyer which tells a story about your business and the items you produce. The flyer can also discuss services, such as catering, that you provide. I personally like gifts that tell a story. When someone receives a gift card from your business you want them to feel special and think, “Wow this is nice.”

Gift Boxes

Gift boxes also provide an excellent gift item. It can either be a gift box that contains only shelf stable items, refrigerated items, or perhaps a combination of both. I suggest offering customers a choice of several gift boxes in different price ranges. If the gift box contains items that require refrigeration use an insulated box with cold packs inside. DO NOT ship or distribute items that require refrigeration in non-insulated, uncooled boxes. I like gift boxes that have the name of the company and some decoration on the outside of the box. Perhaps you can even use a colored box. Inside the box should be a flyer or letter that tells about the items in the gift box and your company. You can also include suggested ways to use the items in the gift box. The information inside the box should include how the gift box recipient can contact you if they have questions about the items in the gift box. Make sure the items in the gift box have adequate shelf life when the recipient receives them. I have received gift boxes that have out-of-date items in them. Not Good!

Don’t forget that the gift box is a gift. It should look like a gift on both the inside and out. DO NOT put a couple of items inside a plain box with no packing or message inside. Not Good! 

Gift cards and gift boxes are gifts. An important aspect of a gift is its presentation. Think about the last time you went to a nice restaurant and remember the effort the chef made to make sure that when you received your plate of food, it was attractively presented. The presentation had a positive or negative effect on your perception of the meal before you started eating.

Make the extra effort to make your gift cards and gift boxes special. Do not forget they represent both the gift giver and your business. The gift giver should feel good about giving the gift card or gift box and the recipient should feel they have received something special. 

Remember: Christmas comes every year, and a professional gift card and gift box program provides an excellent opportunity for both repeat business and increased business. IP