The e-commerce portal makes it quicker and simpler for manufacturers using Markem-Imaje equipment to order consumables and spare parts, while providing greater transparency into the service and warranty status of installed printers and coders. It also makes remote oversight and management of these areas easier for supplies personnel and plant managers seeking to minimize staff needed to be physically present at factories.

 With all the convenience and features of major e-commerce platforms, the new Markem-Imaje customer portal improves manufacturer efficiency in managing coding consumables and equipment management:

Simple and convenient online ordering and tracking: Anytime, from anywhere
Available 24/7, the self-service e-shop allows orders to be placed quickly, at the customer’s convenience, and with less scope for mistakes.

These are some of the options for the customer’s convenience:

· Selecting the right consumables and spares based on their installed printers,

· Repeating past orders with a single click,

· Seeing all their information, ordering and contracts history in one place.

Customers can simulate the overall value based on the quantities selected and get the shipment date to check it meets their production schedule. Once placed, the order status can be tracked directly from the portal.

Easy access to experts and better self-sufficiency
Experts, documents and alerts are available at the click of a button. A ‘Contact us’ button puts customers in touch with Markem-Imaje experts via an online form, while a ‘Knowledge’ button provides user manuals, policies and safety data sheets. An alert section on the home page shows actions that need to be taken. For example, it provides renewal notices for warranties and consumables contracts to help customers maintain production without interruption.

Managing installed base and contracts from one place, remotely if needed
The ‘My Production Lines’ button helps customers manage their printers and coders via a list of installed machines, with the ability to assign production line names to make it easy to recognize the line they need. Manufacturers can see the equipment models, with serial numbers, and their locations as well as the correct supplies to buy for each. The status of warranties and maintenance service contracts per machine is also available here.

Consolidated access to account information means customers have better overall visibility into their installed equipment so they only order what they need.

In summary, the convenient, easy-to-navigate portal improves efficiency by speeding up the consumables and spare parts ordering and tracking processes while eliminating errors. It also improves installed base transparency, so they order the right products and support, and ensure these are delivered or renewed at the right time so production is not a risk from a disruption in consumables, parts or maintenance.

The portal is available to customers in the US, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. It will also be available in France shortly.

Expansion of the portal, for example to include support for distributors and to cover more technical services, is in the pipeline and will be announced separately in due course.

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