Dilution Solutions LLC offers a complete line of products for diluting and applying disinfectants and sanitizers.

  • Dilute concentrated disinfectants and apply
  • Dilute and apply by spraying, misting, or foaming
  • Dilute, fill containers, and sanitize

To help our customers find this information in one place, we have developed a new webpage specifically for Sanitation and Disinfection that includes videos of some of the products in action.

We have shared how Dilution Solutions keeps its employees and customers safe by disinfecting the pallets holding boxes before they enter the building using the Portable Battery-Powered Foam Unit. We sanitize our bathrooms with the Compact Pump-Up Spray Unit that works, even when it’s upside-down. And for smaller packages, we use the Manual Pump-Up Spray Unit.

The Dosatron D14MZ Series is the perfect answer to dilute the concentrated chemical before dispensing the solution to fill:

  • Spray bottles
  • Hand-dip buckets
  • Sanitation sink stations
  • Footbaths
  • Hand-held foggers
  • Backpack sprayers

“Adding the Dosatron, with a gas style nozzle and hose, to a panel provides a pre-plumbed station that is simple to install, limiting exposure time to set up. Just mount on a wall and hook up to the water source. It’s that easy,” explains Jason Maddox, sales manager. “We are continuing to develop products, both mobile and stationary, to help fight COVID-19 through sanitation and disinfection.”

Dilution Solutions has you covered from start to finish. Visit the Sanitation and Disinfection webpage at https://dilutionsolutions.com/disinfection-sanitation-equipment/