Dilution Solutions LLC has designed a Low-Flow Fill Station to dilute and apply concentrated disinfectants. The Low-Flow Fill Station answers a need for organizations that have run out of the ready-to-use products, or have concentrated quaternary ammonium (quat), chlorine (bleach), or PAA and need to sanitize.

The pre-plumbed, Low-Flow Fill Station is quick and easy to install, limiting the exposure time it takes to set up. Just mount on a wall and hook up to your water source. It’s that easy.

The Station features a gas style nozzle with a 10’ hose to fill disinfection applicators quickly, whether they are bottles, buckets, sprayers, foggers, sinks, or mobile carts. The ball valve on the water supply allows for easy adjustment of flow without affecting the disinfectant dosing. Close the valve down for very low flow to fill hand-held spray bottles, reducing splashing. Open the valve for faster fill into fogging carts and pump-up sprayers and foamers.

“The Low-Flow Fill Station includes a water-powered Dosatron D14MZ chemical injector, with a durable body to withstand aggressive disinfectants and has a maximum flow range of 14 GPM,” explained Craig Peterson, regional sales manager. “The Dosatron injector supplies a simple way to adjust the dosage rates and provides proportional, on-demand dispensing.”

To find out more call Dilution Solutions’ customer service at 1-800-451-6628, CHAT online at www.dilutionsolutions.com.