Strassburger Meats, which has supplied Manhattan’s finest steakhouses with top-quality steak for over 150 years, is celebrating National Beef Burger Day by introducing StrassBurgers — great-tasting burgers made from 100% top-quality ground beef. StrassBurgers are debuting exclusively in Morton Williams Supermarkets in Manhattan.

Suzanne Strassburger“We’ve been in the meat business forever, and know where the best meat comes from, whether you’re talking about prime steak or great-tasting ground beef,” said Strassburger CEO Suzanne Strassburger, (aka Suzy Sirloin) who is the first woman to run the fifth-generation family company.

“With our new StrassBurger, New Yorkers can celebrate National Beef Burger Day with a real burger,” said Strassburger. “We are KEEPING IT REAL ( by using only the freshest, highest quality meat and, as always, by supporting real American ranchers.”

Check out the video on YouTube The Real Burger Company - Strassburger Steaks.

Strassburger customers have been asking for a premium burger, so the company set to work assembling the right team and the right equipment. Its new burger-making facility earned a score of 97 on a Safe Quality Food audit, which is a certification recognized by the Global Food Safety Institute. The burgers are juicy and flavorful beefy perfection in every bite.

Strassburger Meats, which also sells premium meat by mail order through its online butcher shop, is readying a Father’s Day special that will include StrassBurgers in the mix with top cuts of prime steak. Details can be found at and on the Strassburger Steaks Facebook page.

Strassburger is marking her 29th year in the family meat business. Suzanne had every job in the place before moving on to customer relations. One of her first calls was to the meat buyer for a steakhouse, who rudely told her she should get out of the meat business. Today, that man is her husband – and he works for her.

“Meat is our family’s passion,” Strassburger said. “We live and breathe great steaks, and now we’re adding great burgers to the mix. Thanks to Real American ranchers."

Source: Strassburger Meats