CoronaSEAL ( is a valuable addition to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended procedures to reduce the exposure of each and every individual to the highly infectious AIRBORNE coronavirus known as Covid-19.

The Meat Processing Industry must return to work and keep its valuable employees healthy and COVID-19 free, to supply the beef, poultry and pork requirements of our nation. The only way to accomplish this goal is to slow down or eliminate the spread of Covid-19 between meat processing employees.

CoronaSEAL is a roll-on skin adhesive embedded with two anti-viral agents for high-risk nurses and first responders. It was surgeon-developed for nurses, healthcare professional and first responders to reduce the chances of infection from Covid-19 infected patients with the AIRBORNE coronavirus. By sealing the gaps and the use of anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents in the mask adhesive, chances of the highly infectious AIRBORNE coronavirus penetrating the barrier the mask provides, are greatly reduced.

This works in a number of ways when used as directed:

  • CoronaSeal promotes the proper wearing of masks by preventing the mask from slipping down or off the nose and seals it on the nose, cheeks, and chin.
  • CoronaSeal increases the comfort of the mask wearer by holding the mask in place preventing or reducing chaffing or abrasion caused by loose masks.
  • CoronaSeal helps keeps virus-laden air away from healthy individuals that are properly wearing a sealed mask.
  • CoronaSeal helps keep the coronavirus from infected and asymptomatic carriers inside the mask of the individuals who are properly wearing a sealed mask reducing the chances it can spread and infect others.

Only in the past several months has the Surgeon General, the CDC, and National Institutes of Health recognized that the coronavirus is a highly contagious AIRBORNE respiratory virus, and the only effective solution to preventing COVID-19 infections is a properly worn facemask. A coronavirus vaccine is at least 6-12 months away, and when available, it will require 6-8 weeks after the vaccine injection to establish immunity to the coronavirus. Until then, all useful measures must be used to prevent the spread of Covid-19 including sealing the gaps.

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