Dynamic Systems Inc., a Bellevue, Washington software developer specializing in Traceability and Inventory Systems for Fresh Food, has launched a new low-cost version of their SIMBA system designed to give smaller Meat and Seafood Processors who produce fixed weight finished goods accessibility to those the features of higher level traceability and inventory systems. The company states the SIMBA Lite system can be implemented for under $10,000.

Comply with Traceability and Labeling Requirements: The SIMBA Lite system prints GS1 compliant serialized labels in a batch format designed to make them easy to adhere to finished goods as they come off the pack line. The printed labels are recorded in the SIMBA database as inventory, with all specific characteristics of the product: Type, Grade, Size, Weight, etc., and it is easy to print reports that provide full traceability meeting government regulations.

SIMBA Inventory & Shipping: Inventory is created as labels are printed, providing a perpetual in stock inventory. When product is “shipped” from SIMBA, information regarding the customer, date, etc. is recorded, closing the traceability loop and allowing the in stock inventory to be reduced.

Ability to Upgrade: SIMBA Lite users have the ability to add the mobile application, SIMBA Logistics, which uses barcode scanners to track inventory within a warehouse and to automatically reduce inventory as product is shipped. And as the company grows, SIMBA Lite can be upgraded to SIMBA Pro, which brings the label printing onto the plant floor and provides real-time inventory and production information along with increased productivity.

Results from implementing SIMBA: Key results include accurate inventory, complete end-to-end traceability, reporting on daily production, and more.

For more information visit www.Dynamic-SystemsInc.com.