Hydro-Thermal Corporation, a world leader in thermal transfer innovations – including industry leading direct steam injection heating and cooking systems – is pleased to introduce the Hydrive Linear Actuator (HLA). 

The HLA is the first actuator designed from the ground up to optimize the performance of Hydro-Thermal’s industry-leading direct steam injection (DSI) fluid heating and cooking systems – delivering the most accurate and precise temperature control available. Featuring ultra-smooth and precise movement in a compact yet robust package – plus advanced sensors and smart digital connectivity – the HLA expands what is possible with DSI, further empowering customers to achieve the perfect temperature, every time.

“Innovation is a core tenet of our DNA at Hydro-Thermal. We are relentless in our pursuit of innovations that expand what is possible for our customers. The Hydrive Linear Actuator brings new technologies that optimize the performance and ownership experience of our products. Its smart connectivity provides real-time data in the palm of your hands to monitor actuator performance and analyze historical data to ensure optimal long-term results,” notes Jim Zaiser, President & CEO of Hydro-Thermal. 

The Hydrive Linear Actuator is designed to meet 3-A standards, has a clean and compact design weighing just 30lbs, and features an adjustable stroke length for up to 1.5” of travel enabling its use on a broad array of heater sizes. It is available immediately.

Learn more about HLA  - https://www.hydro-thermal.com/hydrive-linear-actuator