An independent investigation into wagering allegations at Tyson Foods’ pork plant in Waterloo, Iowa, has led to the termination of seven plant management employees.

“We value our people and expect everyone on the team, especially our leaders, to operate with integrity and care in everything we do,” said Tyson Foods President & CEO Dean Banks. “The behaviors exhibited by these individuals do not represent the Tyson core values, which is why we took immediate and appropriate action to get to the truth. Now that the investigation has concluded, we are taking action based on the findings.”

The Waterloo pork processing plant was the subject of several allegations following the filing of a wrongful death lawsuit by the family of an employee there who died from COVID-19. The suit alleged that plant managers downplayed the dangers of the Coronavirus and the need to wear personal protective equipment to employees. One plant manager was said to have organized a betting pool on how many employees would get sick from COVID-19. Following that news, Tyson announced it had launched an independent investigation, led by former attorney general Eric Holder.

Tyson Foods said that upon learning of the allegations, Banks and others immediately traveled to Waterloo last month and again on December 16 to meet with Waterloo plant team members and community leaders to reinforce Tyson’s commitment to them and the community, including through:

  • Opening more communication channels to hear team member voices
  • Creating a working group of local community leaders to strengthen collaboration
  • Reinforcing the importance of Tyson Foods’ core values and team behaviors

“The commitment and passion that our team members exhibit every day is core to who we are at Tyson. We were very upset to learn of the behaviors found in the allegations, as we expect our leaders to treat all team members with the highest levels of respect and integrity,” said Banks. “That’s why we have asked former Attorney General Eric Holder and his team to partner with Tyson to help us as we continue to look for ways to enhance a trusting and respectful workplace.”

Source: Tyson Foods