Jensen Meat, a Southern California-based processor of ground beef, is currently expanding both its facilities and its team to manage co-packing opportunities for plant-based beef alternatives. To accelerate production, Jensen has already broken ground on its new processing plant, which will also create new jobs when complete.

Jensen Meat’s facility will allow the company to pursue new partnerships, providing opportunities to test new processes and increase national production of plant-based products. Jensen’s new plant, which will include multiple capabilities such as blending, cooking, dry mixing, emulsifying, and hydrating, in addition to bulk and patty forming for food service and retail finished products, will also help drive costs down for smaller companies.

“With sixty years’ experience, Jensen Meat has perfected how to process and pack quality ground beef,” said Abel Olivera, CEO of Jensen Meat. “We now want to leverage our world-class knowledge to create a cost-effective process for producing plant-based products.”

Jensen Meat’s new facility will be completed by April 2021 and will allow the company to increase production of affordable protein sources and work towards the goal of making the global food system sustainable. The company’s plant-based addition also reflects consumer interest in sustainable meat alternatives.

“We can create, process, and pack plant-based products in ways that are cost-effective and innovative,” added Olivera. “We want to help bright minds out there that have the same goal of creating healthy, low-cost foods from alternative sources of protein, which also play a part in reducing world hunger.”

Jensen Meat Company, founded in 1958 by Reggie Jensen, has continued its expansion in recent years, growing production capabilities, developing new products, and creating new jobs. As part of its continued commitment to community, the company has expanded its robust sustainability policy that encompasses employee engagement, facility design, and operational efficiency.

Additional details about Jensen Meat’s expansion and its new plant-based initiative are available upon request. To schedule an interview or for more information on Jensen, visit and find Jensen Meat at

Source: Jensen Meat Co.