SPX FLOW, a leading global supplier of premier process equipment, has added a new model of tank outlet valve to its APV D4 series mix proof valves. The new D4 valves enable customers to clean the pipeline without having to empty the contents of the tank, which improves efficiency and eliminates changeover costs saving time and reducing operating costs. 

“Our D4 mix proof valves have proven to be a popular choice in sanitary applications, providing customers with reduced costs, improved product quality and an excellent return on investment (ROI),” said Chris Sinutko, global portfolio manager, process components, SPX FLOW. “The new tank outlet valve augments this range, using common parts and the same control interface as other D4 valves, to enable optimum performance and cost of ownership.”

Designed and manufactured by SPX FLOW, the APV D4 valves enable reliable separation between the tank and servicing pipeline in sanitary applications across industries including food and beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics. maintenance, safety. For more information, please visit: https://www.spxflow.com/apv/products/dt4-series-tank-outlet-double-seat-mix-proof-valves/