If there’s one problem that sours an employee’s daily work, it’s having to stand and wait in front of a locked door to the restroom. We are steadily approaching a post-Covid business world. It makes sense for every business manager to at least consider new ways to keep their employees safe when returning to work.

The restroom is no exception. In most buildings, restrooms are located outside of the work area. Most are out of sight. A common problem for customers and employees is what to do if they get to the restroom and it is locked. This leaves the now frustrated person with two choices. Either stand in front of a locked door and wait or return to their workstation and keep one eye open to see if anyone comes out. Neither option is ideal. Both result in idle and unproductive time. Remember, not all restrooms are nearby. It may be down the hall and out of sight, or even in another room!!

Up until now there have been few alternatives for restroom users. But now there is a choice for reducing Covid transmission, and increase productivity at the same time. The Heads Up Lock Company (www.headsuplock.com) has taken an innovative and affordable approach to visibly showing whether restrooms are in-use from a distance. They have all but eliminated the guesswork by using a simple light that is visible for everyone to see.

Bruce Roberts, owner of The Heads Up Lock was inspired with the idea 11 years ago after suffering a broken neck from a fall pruning a tree. It suddenly became more difficult to travel to and from a hidden restroom. He quickly realized that this is a common problem for everyone. 

Says Roberts, “Most business owners are unaware of the loss of productivity and revenue that they encounter when their employees go in and out of the restroom. If they tracked the usage over time they would be shocked.”

How does it work? A smart lock in the door triggers a sensor that talks to receiving lights mounted in a noticeable place (all included in kit). When the eye-pleasing light is green the restroom is vacant. When it is red it is in use. It’s that simple.

This affordable and ADA approved device is low-maintenance and the kit can be installed by any qualified handyman. It can be used in all single-stall restrooms such as in commercial buildings, restaurants, fast food chains, convenience stores, supermarkets, gas stations, hair salons, clinics, banks, warehouses, schools and small business establishments of every kind.

If installed in a commercial building, it usually results in an instant increase in productivity because workers are now able to gauge their need-to-go with just a quick glance. It also gives the employee a sense of confidence by having more choice on “when to go”. It is evident that it doesn’t take long for this kit to pay for itself in a short period of time.

The Heads Up Lock also makes it easier for custodial staff to know when the restroom is clear for maintenance.

Says Roberts, “Our business is making it convenient to do your business.”

For more information visit http://www.headsuplock.com