The cover story for the April issue of Independent Processor is a look at the meant new meat science building at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. When planning for the new building started, the question was “How will we teach meat science in the future?”

As it turned out, the answer to that particular question was the same answer to “How do we teach meat science during a pandemic?” The classrooms are all wired for livestreaming and recording, so students can either attend classes in-person or remotely, and they can also watch the recording of the class later. The ability to talk meat science without actually having to sit in a crowded conference room has been a challenge for the past year, but the technology that UW-Madison was working on for the future became a critical part of the educational process, sooner than anyone had imagined.

Its success begs the question – what will meat gatherings look like in the future? We have seen virtual trade shows and conventions all year long. At long last, it looks like the industry will be able to go to live events this summer, but will our industry events be changed? Will there be a permanent opportunity for meat industry professionals who want to participate in events but are unable to attend live? Organizers of national and state-level events may want to think about the opportunities that exist in recording or streaming sessions or seminars. A hybrid event that has live attendees and streaming capabilities for those at home or in the office can grow its registration numbers. After all these years of making attendees come to you, there may be an opportunity in bringing your show to the attendee.

Reminder on the Greatest Gains list
As a reminder, we are still seeking entries for the Top 100 and Greatest Gains charts, which will be a part of the May issue of the National Provisioner. While the Top 100 lists some of the industry’s largest meat and poultry processors in the country, the Greatest Gains report was designed to showcase growth over size. We’re looking for the fastest-growing companies out there, regardless of their size.

If you are interested in participating in this portion of the Top 100 Report, please click on this link. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out. You have until April 9 to submit your company’s information.

Sam Gazdziak