Since 1937, Hollymatic has been manufacturing food processing equipment that surpasses their competition in efficiencies and value. One of their most recent advancements is in the design of their Hi•Yield 14” Meat Saw that provides a space-saving compact footprint for supermarkets, butcher shops and processors alike.

The Hollymatic Hi•Yield 14” Meat Saw has features that separate it from conventional saws. With swing-open construction, cleaning and blade changing is a breeze. Stainless steel upper and lower wheels are standard and can be easily removed for faster cleaning as well. The one-piece frame design improves sanitation and provides rigidity for added strength. Peaked upper housing helps prevent water damage and double-flanged wheels provide blade retention and tracking. Hollymatic’s 14” Saw also features safety interlocked doors.

In addition and for increased operator safety, the 14” Saw is equipped with an incorporated pusher plate that stays in place on the saw. This newest feature is to provide ease of use as well as increased safety of the operator. This convenient swing away design places it ready for use on those final few cuts.

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