Goodway Technologies, a leader in industrial sanitation solutions, is hosting a live demonstration to showcase its innovative equipment for sanitizing in dry food processing facilities and bakeries. The demo, “Final Step Sanitation for the Food and Beverage Industry,” takes place Thursday, June 10, at 1 p.m. EST. Registration for the free event is available online.

Goodways food industry expert, Evan Reyes, will highlight solutions such as Goodways surface sanitation systems that increase sanitation performance while reducing labor and keeping facilities operational. As Goodway's Director of Sales, Sanitation Division, Reyes works to improve sanitation and food safety programs through the introduction of innovative cleaning and sanitation processes. Over the past eight years, he has visited more than 600 food plants to improve food safety and promote sanitation best practices.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) and Food & Drug Administration (FDA) requires all food manufacturing plants to meet a certain standard of cleanliness, which includes proper hygiene and regular sanitizing. Food safety and quality are top priorities for the food processing industry as they are required to maintain high standards of cleanliness to minimize potential risks. These risks can include foodborne illness, undeclared allergens, and shelf instability. 

Cleaning vs. Sanitizing
Cleaning and sanitation are often used in conjunction, however each one performs a different role when it comes to providing safe and sanitary conditions.

Cleaning refers to the process of removing soil from a surface. This is necessary to have a clean indoor environment, which can slow the spread of microorganisms.

However, while cleaning removes soil, it doesn’t remove or kill microorganisms. This is why facilities must also practice proper sanitizing to reduce microorganism count to acceptable levels. In order to prevent contamination, it is essential to practice effective sanitizing and have the right tools to perform the complete sanitation process. In dry environments and near water sensitive equipment, the use of alcohol is a preferred sanitizer to maintain a dry environment.

Click here to register for the free demonstration. Goodway's website also has additional information on food and beverage processing cleaning and sanitation solutions.