Modesto, Calif. manufacturer Enviro Tech Chemical Services Inc. (ETCS) has issued a license agreement to PeroxyChem for use of its U.S. Patent No. 10,912,321- Methods of Using Peracetic Acid to Treat Poultry in a Chill Tank During Processing.

This license allows PeroxyChem and its affiliates the rights to practice the method(s) of the ‘321 patent in the United States without infringing the ‘321 patent. During the term of this license, Enviro Tech has also indemnified each of PeroxyChem’s End-User Customers location sites for infringement of the ‘321 patent. 

The ‘321 patent covers intervention methods utilizing peracetic acid at an alkaline pH in a poultry processing system chill tank, further defined as a reservoir in the patent. 

Enviro Tech is currently offering licensing opportunities for its patented technology. Interested parties are invited to contact Mike Harvey, CEO or Brent Bankosky, President. 

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