Schaller & Weber, a family led deli since 1937, will be extending its product offerings with three all- natural, antibiotic free and Keto-friendly snack trays. As consumer interest in and demand for high-quality meats and charcuterie continues to grow, the three new grab-and-go packs offer delicious meat and cheese pairings for all palates including, Uncured Beef Salami & Butterkäse cheese, Uncured Salami with Garlic and Pepper & Grand Cru Cheese and Alpine Sopressata & Fontina Cheese.

Schaller & Weber’s Uncured Beef Salami & Butterkäse cheese is one of the first beef trays on the market. It is masterfully crafted with gentle smoke and is complemented with a mild, buttery Butterkäse cheese. The beef and cheese tray is an excellent option for quick snacking and makes for an effortless but delicious addition to any cheese board. Pairing Suggestion: Best enjoyed with a crisp Pilsner or a fruity red wine.

The Uncured Salami with Garlic and Pepper & Grand Cru Cheese pack is spiced with a traditional German recipe of garlic and black peppercorn that is beautifully paired with a robust, award-winning alpine-style Grand Cru cheese. Whether on the golf course or on the road, the salami and cheese tray is a classic and delicious combination. Pairing Suggestion: Best enjoyed with a hard cider or smooth amber beer.

Alpine Sopressata & Fontina Cheese is Schaller & Weber’s German take on an Italian classic. The Alpine Sopressata is laced with the subtle flavor of fennel seed and pairs impeccably with the creamy and slightly tart Fontina cheese. A spicy and smooth midday pick-me-up that is perfect picnics, hikes and road trips. Pairing Suggestion: Best enjoyed alongside a Chardonnay or a favorite wheat beer.

Schaller & Weber has been serving New Yorkers for over 80 years and, in addition to its brick and mortar location, offers its products nationwide Snack trays are available at select supermarkets, gourmet stores and at Schaller & Weber in New York City. 

Source: Shaller & Weber