Ossid has officially broken ground on a large building expansion that focuses squarely on the customer. With three primary areas of expansion, each space is being built to better meet customer demands, as well as give customers a full showroom where they can learn more about Ossid products and dedicated conference room for concierge consultations.

Ossid’s customers have experienced substantial growth so demand for Ossid products have surged. To keep pace, part of the expansion includes additional floor space for machinery assembly. This gives Ossid the ability to fulfill customer orders in a more expedited manner, ensuring that customers stay on schedule with their production.

The other large part of the expansion is the new customer-facing showroom where products can be demonstrated. This 50 ft. by 100 ft. space includes a sampling of Ossid’s product offerings, similar to a trade show booth but on a larger scale. The showroom will allow customers to view sample test runs, machine demonstrations and see other functions – all while having an Ossid product expert guide them through each step.

Finally, the customer-centric space in the expansion is the conference room. This dedicated room will allow customers to have private consultations where they can collaborate on projects and new ideas, while learning more about Ossid and the products that will best serve their needs.

Construction should be completed in early 2022 with an open house occurring in the spring or early summer of 2022. For more information on Ossid, visit: https://www.ossid.com