KPM Analytics will present their state-of-the-art analyzer solutions for process control, final product inspection and other food applications at PACK EXPO Las Vegas 2021, booth # N-22000 at the Las Vegas Convention Center, September 27-29, 2021. Used to improve product quality and optimize processing efficiency, KPM Analytics’ solutions help companies reduce costs and increase output.

The primary highlight for KPM Analytics at the show will be the launch of its new Sightline brand TheiaVu Series Vision Inspection System with crumb structure analysis capability. This new product augments KPM Analytics’ existing vision technology solutions that utilize a series of high-speed cameras and imaging software to detect and measure objects before packaging for shape, color, composite, and several other parameters at full-line speeds. Vision inspection technology helps automate quality control procedures, reduce instances of human error in the inspection process, and improve packaging efficiencies.

Also exhibited at the KPM Analytics booth at PACK EXPO Las Vegas will be the Guardian-HD Web Profiling Series from KPM Analytics’ Process Sensors brand. The Guardian-HD Web Profiling Series provides a complete web profile for moisture and coat weight, automatically detecting web edges and lanes, which improves web control capabilities. The Guardian-HD, measuring coatings on the wet or dry end, can also identify out-of-spec product in jumbo rolls based on time and length position, and can be employed to measure either dryer exit moisture or the re-moisturizing operation, providing ultimate flexibility.

To learn more about how the unique suite of analyzers and other quality assurance solutions from KPM Analytics can streamline production and packaging, and increase profits by improving product consistency, reducing waste, and lowering costs, visit booth N-22000 at PACK EXPO Las Vegas or online at