Organic Prairie has recently released its Seasoned Ground Beef. Organic ground beef, pre-seasoned with all-organic spices, will cut prep time for some of America's most popular home-cooked meals.

"Our new organic, seasoned ground beef gives home cooks a choice of high-quality protein that's quick and easy to prepare," said Dave Greening, Organic Prairie General Manager. "Shoppers can just 'grab and go,' and the meat is fully cooked in approximately 8 minutes."

Fiesta Blend, Italian Style, and Sweet Sloppy Joe flavors spice up cold-weather favorites, including family-friendly meals such as spaghetti and meat sauce, baked ziti, lasagna, enchiladas, nachos, fix-your-own taco bars, and of course Sloppy Joes.

"Our organic ground beef is a great option for conscientious shoppers and their families," said Greening. "Organic meat is raised in a way that is kind to animals and the earth."

Organic Prairie's Seasoned Ground Beef is raised without artificial pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics, synthetic hormones, GMOs, or other synthetic contaminants. Organic Prairie Ground Beef is USDA organic certified and so are all the spices used in the meat.

Certified organic Seasoned Ground Beef from Organic Prairie is available frozen and can be safely stored for up to a year in the freezer. Organic Prairie's newly updated e-commerce platform has all three organic seasoned ground beef options ready for purchase and delivery straight to homes across the country. For more information or to place online orders, click here.

Source: Organic Prairie