HOWARD, S.D. – CROPP Cooperative and Dakota Beef have agreed to partner to expand the U.S. organic beef supply in a multiyear agreement.

"Currently there is a large number of organic cattle available,” said Dakota Beef CEO Scott Lively. “However, the Partnership with Organic Prairie is significant for several reasons; by combining our efforts we expand our reach in the marketplace to answer consumer demand while maintaining exceptional quality, we will ensure a strong supply of organic beef through the end of year and all of 2009."

Organic Prairie is the meat brand from CROPP Cooperative, who also market certified organic dairy, eggs, juice, soy, and produce under the Organic Valley brand. CROPP has more than 1,200 members in 32 states. Dakota Beef is one of the largest producers of certified organic beef in the United States.

“We feel this partnership will provide the consumer with a consistent supply of exceptional quality certified organic beef," said Organic Prairie general manager Tedd Heilmann.