Goodway Technologies has announced the launch of its new anti-static Carbon Fiber Vacuum Accessory Kit. This lightweight and practical solution delivers a safer, effective, and less labor-intensive way to perform the overhead cleaning of pipes, walls, and other surfaces where combustible dust can accumulate. While dust removal has historically been a labor-intensive process, the lightweight and anti-static construction of the Carbon Fiber Vacuum Accessory Kit makes it easier and safer than ever. Now, regularly cleaning these hidden areas is easier and reduces potential hazards without adding cost, risk, and ladders or platforms. Plus, the lightweight carbon-fiber construction reduces fatigue and risks of injury.

The Carbon Fiber Vacuum Accessory Kit includes vacuum extension wands, cleaning heads, hoses, and other tools. These allow the operator to connect to certain certified explosion-proof Goodway Technologies industrial vacuums to reach the tops of pipes, support beams, HVAC systems, and other areas that may otherwise be neglected.

It is ideal for production facilities, food processing plants, packaging facilities, and any facility that requires interior and exterior overhead cleaning tasks.

Features of the Carbon Fiber Vacuum Accessory Kit include:

  • Lightweight and effective
  • Fully conductive
  • Tested and certified to NFPA* and ATEX* standards 
  1. *Certified when used with a suitable, independently certified, and approved vacuum system.
  • Anti-static construction
  • Reduce labor costs by completing cleaning quickly
  • Clean hard-to-reach places
  • Variety of attachments for multiple applications
  • There are two versions of the kit to meet the needs of specific Goodway Technology vacuums. 

    • VAC-KIT-DIV2-D fits DV vacuums
    • VAC-KIT-DIV2-T fits AC-EX, VAC-2, VAC-3, AV-1200, and GTC-540 vacuums

    Visit the website for more information on the Carbon Fiber Vacuum Accessory Kit or call 1-800-333-7467 to speak with an expert.

    Source: Goodway Technologies