On March 17, 2022, Polk’s Meat Products, Inc., announced the purchase of the company by current CEO Julie Polk Breazeale.

“I was never able to know my grandfather so to be able to continue his dream is one way I can stay connected to him,” says Julie Breazeale. “I feel very blessed to be able to share this exciting experience with my husband and children. It’s important to me that my kids know that you must put the work in to reach your goals. One thing that became clear early on was the realization that I was definitely in the minority when it came to being in the meat industry, but that is also part of what has given me the drive to get to this point,” Breazeale said.

“I would like to thank my family, and especially my father Senator John Polk, for having the faith in me to carry on our families work. I look forward to leading Polk’s Meat and continue producing the same quality products that are loved by our customers,” said Breazeale.

Julie’s career with Polk’s began in 2000 as director of special projects. Eleven years later, she was promoted to CEO when she took over for her father John after his successful bid for the MS State Senate. John had previously led the company since he purchased it from his father in 1974.

“My wife, Jan, and I bought the company from my mother and father [on] January 1, 1974. We had visions of building a business that would be worthy of passing to the next generation of Polk’s. Today that goal has been accomplished. Julie, the third generation to own and run the company, has great dreams of making Polk’s Meat an even more successful processor of fine meats,” said former Polk’s Meat Chairman, John Polk.