VistroBurger was born in 2020 in NYC and is 100% plant-based. All VistroBurger patties are original and made in-house and the All-American patty offers a healthy. meatless plant-based alternative for the growing flexitarian and health-conscious consumers.

“During the pandemic I was trying to find a healthy vegan burger in NYC, but there were no other options than Beyond or Impossible.” says co-founder Ross Glick from Vegan Warrior Project. 

The VistroBurger Menu was created in collaboration with the original team from famed Candle79 & Candle Cafe (NYC). The chefs were part of the Candle group for 20+ years, pioneering in the vegan/vegetarian food world. All of the burger patties are made with fresh and organic produce from local farms. Each chef-made burger is carefully assembled with a house made special sauce, vegan cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and onion on a toasted vegan kosher bun, also made in-house.

Everything VistroBurger serves is made with 100% whole plant-based ingredients. They contain no dairy, honey, or eggs. All products (from burgers, to sliders, drinks, and each and every ingredient) are free of any animal content.

The Sexy Seitan, Beanoa, and Chickpea burgers are all made from 100% plant-based ingredients. The Shroom’n contains tempeh and is a top seller. An homage to the American classic Big Mac, Quarter Pounder, or famed In-N-Out Burger, the VistroBurger All-American is made from pea protein isolate. Pea protein isolate is a healthy meat alternative derived from yellow split peas. Compared to pea protein concentrate, it is denser in protein and a great source of fiber. VitsroBurger buns taste great and are 100% vegan and kosher certified.

VistroBurger is currently available as a delivery & pick up option in NYC and via its first kitchen fulfillment partner Plant Bar NYC: Nomad. 

Source: VistroBurger