Grecian Delight Kronos Foods, a producer of Mediterranean Foods, has announced its new line of authentically prepared, fully seasoned, pre-marinated, cooked, and sliced proteins, ReadyCarved Global Proteins. The new offering is available now and for tasting at the National Restaurant Association (NRA) Show, booth 812.

"My Greek Table" creator and award-winning cookbook author, Diane Kochilas is debuting three Mediterranean and Greek-inspired recipes with the new proteins at the NRA, as part of her long-standing partnership with Grecian Delight Kronos Foods.

Featuring Beef & Lamb Gyro slices, Mediterranean Chicken, Pork Al Pastor, and Chicken Shawarma, ReadyCarved Global Proteins build on the traditional ethnic flavors of the Mediterranean, Middle East, and Hispanic cuisines. According to a 2021 Mintel survey, Gen Z and Millennials are opting for greater diversity in their cuisine, and restaurateurs are looking for a mix of mainstream and emerging flavors. More than 64 percent of consumers agree that the right marinade can make meat taste great.

"Generations of consumers have a growing appetite for ethnic foods, so combining authentic flavors and ingredients into everyday dishes is a fool-proof recipe for success," said Diane Kochilas. "The Grecian Delight Kronos team and I have a mutual love and respect for traditional Greek and Mediterranean foods; they are the perfect partner to champion Greek heritage, culture, and food."

Kochilas tapped into her Mediterranean and global flavor profiles to create these recipes to help inspire restaurants and chefs looking to fill a need for diverse dishes that don't require additional prep time. Starting May 21st, she will be at the NRA Show booth 812 for live demonstrations and samplings of:

  • "Gyro Bolognese over Pasta"
  • "Chicken Shawarma Stuffed Mushroom Caps"
  • "Mediterranean Chicken Pita Spring Rolls"

ReadyCarved proteins address the operational need of foodservice operators having fewer, younger, and less experienced staff. Since the protein is already seasoned, marinated, fully cooked, and sliced, there is no staff time needed to prepare this protein, saving time, labor, and money. It is estimated that total savings of one hour per day, or 5 to 15 hours a week of staff time.

ReadyCarved proteins are available at Dot Foods.

Source: Grecian Delight Kronos Foods