The United States Cattlemen’s Association’s (USCA) executive leadership traveled to Washington, D.C. this week to advocate for the Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act and the Meat and Poultry Special Investigator Act. Both bills are currently pending review and approval by Congress.

USCA President Brooke Miller and his wife Ann Miller, along with USCA Vice President Justin Tupper and his wife Brooke, joined with Independent Cattlemen’s Association of Texas Executive Director Cooper Little and President Brad Cotton to visit with the White House, Members of Congress, and senior agency staff and leadership.

The group also discussed truth in labeling, specifically as it relates to the use of the Product of the U.S.A. claim and the labeling of foods produced cell-cultured technology. Both matters are the subject of anticipated agency rulemakings expected in 2022.

USCA President Brooke Miller issued the following statement: “The Meat and Poultry Special Investigator Act will be brought to the House floor this week, and we expect a mark-up of the Cattle Price Discovery and Transparency Act in the Senate Agriculture Committee next week. This is a very critical time for cattlemen and women."

“Producers cannot afford to wait another calf cycle for our nation’s leaders to implement the necessary safeguards against ongoing anticompetitive and monopolistic practices in the U.S. cattle marketplace. A vote against these bills is a vote for the status quo to remain."

“USCA would like to thank the bill’s cosponsors and their respective Congressional staff teams for continuing to pursue solutions to an increasingly consolidated meat industry."

Source: United States Cattlemen's Association