Dietz & Watson is spicing up the world of deli snack packs with a new line of four protein-packed, grab-and-go snack packs filled with unique, heart-healthy items like cashews, almonds, dried cranberries, and mangoes paired with premium Dietz & Watson meats and artisan cheeses. The line is called Dietz & Dats and will retail for $4.99 per package.

The portable snack packs are paired with charcuterie combos that include hot salami & fontina cheese, chorizo & pepper jack, Milano salami & asiago, and dried salami & provolone.

Nearly all U.S. adults snack and more than two-thirds snack at least twice a day, so there’s a huge opportunity in the category. According to a Mintel Reports 2022 study (Mintel Reports: Salty Snacks-US-2022) salty snacks enjoy high household penetration of 91%, reflecting the diversity of choice and high usage at home and on-the-go. Net consumption is highest among millennials (95%) as well as parents (96%), which comprise key consumer groups. They are more likely to report increased usage relative to a year ago and to consume snacks in a widening array of sizes and formats.

Dietz & Dats are made with no artificial preservatives or flavors and no MSG. Every pack comes with melba toast and extras like sweet dried cranberries or mango and salted almonds or cashews. 

The four packs include:

  • Hot Salami & Fontina: Hot Salami with subtle heat, tangy fontina cheese, sweet cranberries and crunchy melba toast.
  • Milano Salami & Asiago: Sweet Milano salami, tangy asiago cheese, slightly salty almonds and crunchy melba toast. 
  • Chorizo & Pepper Jack: Smoky chorizo, spicy pepper jack cheese, sweet, dried mangos and crunchy melba toast.
  • Dried Salami & Provolone: Savory dried salami, mildly tangy provolone, cashews, and crunchy melba toast.

Source: Dietz & Watson