MeaTech 3D Ltd., an international deep-tech food company in the cultured meat industry, has announced that Peace of Meat, the company's Belgian wholly-owned subsidiary, has established a stable and unique avian cell line with a clear upscaling path.

Peace of Meat is a cultured avian company that develops 100% non-GMO cultured meat products that are microcarrier free. The company plans to commercialize its products in the emerging hybrid foods market through collaborations with the meat industry and with other alternative protein companies to produce a range of sustainable hybrid products that combine plant-based ingredients with cultured avian biomass.

In May 2022, Peace of Meat signed a joint development agreement with ENOUGH, a leader in the field of mycoprotein, a fungi-based fermented food ingredient. The initiative will combine Peace of Meat's unique expertise in cultured avian development with ENOUGH's cutting-edge mycoprotein ingredient to create game-changing hybrid alternative meat products.

In September 2021, Peace of Meat successfully produced 700 grams of cultured chicken fat biomass in a single production run. The company plans to establish a pilot plant and R&D facility in Belgium to begin scaled-up production in 2023. The plan includes the use of serum-free cell lines.

Peace of Meat was founded in August 2019, acquired by MeaTech 3D in 2021 for approximately $20 million, and has invested close to $7.5 million in cultured avian technology development. Dirk Standaert, Peace of Meat's chief executive officer said: "We are moving forward with a clear R&D and go-to-market strategy. We have established a superior cell platform for the industrialization of cultured meat products that allows us to develop tasty, nutritious cultured avian products made sustainably."

Arik Kaufman, MeaTech's chief executive officer: "We are proud of Peace of Meat's achievements and their accelerated path toward commercialization in the hybrid foods market, a sector with tremendous potential."

Source: MeaTech