Wayne-Sanderson Farms Dobson recently hatched dual efficiencies with a $1.3 million hatchery expansion, improving the work environment for team members while adding a new gender-sorting capability to the 25,000 square foot facility. The company recently made an operational decision to sort birds by gender at the Dobson facility with females going to support south Alabama small-bird operations and males going to area farms to support Dobson production.

“Since we were going to gender identification and sorting here, we needed more space, so it only made sense to improve the work environment for our people at the same time” explained Dobson Complex Manager Matthew Wooten.

The Dobson hatchery sets 831,000 eggs each week and the 37 employees spend many hours on the job getting those chicks ready for local family farm partners to raise.

“We decided to expand the hatchery by converting the existing office and workspace over to hatchery operations and then build out new workspace including offices, restrooms, breakroom, and kitchen,” said Wooten.

Source: Wayne-Sanderson Farms