Current Foods, an alt-protein pioneer known for taking food science below sea level, will unveil its first retail product and latest plant-based innovation—sliced smoked salmon—during Expo East from September 28–October 1, at Hall A, Booth #1242. The award-winning food science company, hailing the new school of fish, will be sampling their ‘shockingly real’ salmon throughout the show. 

This sliced ready-to-eat smoked salmon is a reimagined classic, made entirely from plants and crafted with only healthy all-natural, earthly ingredients like peas, algae, potato, and bamboo.  Thanks to Current Foods’ ongoing commitment to its stringent R&D process, the brand has been able to go fin-to-fin with the taste and texture of ocean-caught salmon. 

The first retail partners, including Showfields, Fairway Market, and Gourmet Garage in NYC, as well as a major retail group in California, will all be launching Current Foods Sliced Smoked Salmon within the next two months.

“Consumers enjoy our Current Tuna so much that we wanted to give them additional seafood options to choose from,” said Jacek Prus, CEO and co-founder of Current Foods, who founded the company in 2019. “Salmon was the next obvious choice as one of the most popular fish types in the world. We have worked hard to achieve the same taste and mouthfeel of the traditional fish, as we don't want consumers to make any compromise in enjoyment. At the same time, our smoked salmon is a far more sustainable way to consume seafood without dropping a single anchor into any of our heavily compromised oceans."

Current Foods is made for everyone from the veteran vegan to the fluid flexitarian and the committed carnivore. Consumers will be provided with healthy nutrients like omega-3 DHAs, iron, vitamin B12, fiber, and protein, without any of the mercury, antibiotics, or microplastics found in traditional seafood. Just like traditional seafood, it pairs well with sushi, poke, salads, and of course, bagels. Current Foods claims to make fish for real fish lovers, which is good for the palate and the planet.

In the U.S, the plant-based seafood pioneer has already caught the attention of world-renowned vegan chefs and restaurant partners, including Matthew Kenney Cuisine, which has recently expanded their partnership, taking Current Foods on more menus at their newly expanded locations. 

Current Foods has also crossed international waters with its recent launch of tuna and salmon products in Spain, setting the standard for the waves the brand wants to make with growing worldwide demand for plant-based seafood.

Source: Current Foods