Patak is back! Patak Meat Products, a manufacturer of fine European meats and sausages, is thrilled to reopen its doors to the public. Following 13 months of rebuilding due to a smokehouse fire, Patak is operational again just in time for Oktoberfest and the holiday season. Items are available while supplies last. There is a limited-time ten-pound limit per customer on some items.

Operating out of the same restored and enhanced location at 4107 Ewing Road in Austell, the Patak family and staff have been working all summer, preparing for the big day. The location suffered a fire in August 2021 that destroyed most of its factory. While it resumed online sales of limited items over the course of 2022, it is finally resurrecting its smoked sausages and reopening its retail store.

After months of online orders only, many have filled Patak’s social media pages with requests for the company’s famous smoked products, bacon and dry-cured meats. Customers of Patak Meats have been known to drive from all over the southeast United States to purchase their high-quality meats. Customers often describe their visits to the store as a truly international experience with a family atmosphere.

“Our customers are amazing. We really are like a family and appreciate their support,” said Kelly Patak, general manager of Patak. “In our retail store you will see customers from all parts of Europe, Japan, South Africa and many more. You will also see American veterans who have been stationed abroad and appreciate the unique cuisines and meats. It’s something you don’t see every day.”

Patak Meats is open Tuesday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. They also take orders online and ship across the continental United States. Next-day shipping is available in Georgia, as well as locations as far away as Alabama, South Carolina, and north Florida. Patak also proudly serves prestigious wholesale clients such as Sysco and U.S. Food Service.

“We could not be happier to finally open our doors back to the public and return to full operations,” said Alan Patak, owner of Patak Meat Products. “Between the pandemic and travel restrictions, rebuilding our unique factory has been a lesson in patience, but customers should know it will be well worth the wait. We will have many of their favorite products ready for orders and cannot wait to greet people in person this holiday season.”

Source: Patak Meat Products