The 2023 Cold Pressure Council Board of Directors election results are in. Rick Marshall, vice president of business development, Shape Process Automation, is a former board member and was re-elected for his second term. Daniel Wachter, chief commercial officer, Chromatic Technologies Inc., was elected for his first term on the board.

Rick Marshall was a pioneer in the commercialization of HPP technology in North America and other world markets. For over 25 years he has been facilitating the establishment of new products in the market by helping food manufacturers and service providers to efficiently and cost effectively implement high pressure processing in their facilities.

With direct involvement with both major HPP equipment manufacturers, Rick established much of the early installation base of HPP equipment in North America.

Daniel Wachter is a recognized turnaround expert and P&L growth driver that leads through strategic innovation and an entrepreneurial mindset. Known as a forward thinker, strategic decision maker and passionate advocate for the packaging industry, he ignites transformation for global profitable commercial growth and is proven in embracing disruptive technologies while shaping and aligning teams and partnerships to provide unique customer value.

Daniel’s skill at developing and implementing business models, strategies and partnerships have helped him orchestrate and outperform organic and M&A-driven profitable and sustainable growth.

Source: Cold Pressure Council