Big Joe is launching the J2-192 Joey Order Picker that is a versatile, safe and productive machine, uniquely designed for order picking operations. Available through Big Joe dealers, the J2-192 performs like no other order picking machine on the market and expands the company’s J2 offering more than ever before. The primary innovation of this new Big Joe machine is that it supports both forks forward and forks trailing operator stances that can be changed on the fly while maintaining consistent steering orientation. Additionally, at just 36 inches wide,  the J2-192 is highly maneuverable and has a much smaller overall footprint than full-size order pickers while still maintaining support for loads of over 2,000 pounds. The combination of these attributes allows the new order picker to deliver productivity in small retail aisles, urban fulfillment centers or dense areas of the largest distribution centers.

“The new Big Joe J2-192 is really a different kind of order picking machine for a different generation of supply chain needs,” said Chief Marketing Officer of Big Joe, Bill Pedriana. “As retail continues to do more local e-commerce fulfillment and distribution centers attempt to get more product variety closer to where people live, there is a huge need for a highly compact and versatile machine that is intuitive to operate. The J2-192's dual control set-up and forks forward primary driving stance amplify the benefits of the design, and when in use... it's fun to watch them run circles around traditional machines that were really designed for a different age.”

Big Joe Forklifts is also announcing the addition of Kurt Spyke, who will serve as the strategic products manager: new products. Spyke joins the Big Joe team to build early engagement and customer experiences with new products such as the J2-192.

Photo of Big Joe's Strategic Products Manager: New Products, Kurt SpykeBig Joe's Strategic Products Manager: New Products, Kurt Spyke


Spyke comes to Big Joe with nearly 20 years of experience across the material handling industry. With a focus on new products, Spyke will build and develop relationships throughout Big Joe’s multichannel distribution network to enhance customer engagement, adoption and experiences in relation to new equipment releases and new market opportunities for the company.

“Joining the team at Big Joe came at a perfect time for me,” Spyke said. “I’m excited to take on a new role that will be an opportunity to grow both personally and professionally. I’m fortunate to be at the forefront of bringing our new products to market and to work with customers early on, building momentum for the future. I look forward to introducing the J2-192 to the market and providing a solution for those looking for something that allows them to improve their operations and ultimately serve their customers better.”

The Big Joe J2-192 can be used with a wide-range of pallet types or order picking carts and elevates loads to 192 inches via a three-stage steel mast. In addition to enhancing productivity and driving characteristics, the J2’s dual control system enables the operator to choose a stance that improves their line of sight during travel, while staging loads or when elevated. The J2-192 comes outfitted from the factory with a 24-volt industrial 340-amp-hours battery to support the run time needs of most users, and features AC drive motors, an LCD programmable display, pallet clamp, anchor, and a tether and harness system that attaches to the machine’s overhead guard.

To learn more or to test drive a J2-192 at your facility, contact Big Joe or a local dealer for more information.

Source: Big Joe