Motif FoodWorks, a Boston-based food technology company, is announcing the company will be expanding their ingredient development and innovation business by offering their fermentation and bioprocessing services to customers. This added offering comes as the company celebrates the grand opening of their second facility, a 65,000-square-foot market development and research center dubbed "Motif's Plant Base," which will house the company's fermentation, ingredient and finished-product production.

Bioprocessing as a service

Motif has experienced first-hand the challenges that come with scaling up a product for commercialization. The difficulty of taking a product through optimization at bench scale and translating that into a pilot scale is a timely and costly process that many start-ups don't have the capabilities for in house. After the successful commercialization of the company's first product, HEMAMI, a yeast-derived heme protein that provides umami flavor and meaty aroma to plant-based meat alternatives, Motif saw a unique opportunity to leverage their knowledge, technology capabilities and production facilities to assist other companies in the commercialization process.

Motif will be offering their bioprocessing services to companies in various industries looking to scale up. The company is currently offering their services at bench-scale, while planning to build out pilot-scale capabilities in the future.

"We are thrilled to be able to utilize our experience and offer help to companies that are in a similar position that we were in a few years back," said Philippe Prochasson, Motif's vice president of biosciences and analytics. "By using our holistic innovation process, we are able to help companies rapidly develop and commercialize their technologies."

While offering their bioprocessing as a service to companies, the Motif team will also offer consulting services to these clients, allowing the processes to be a collaboration between the two entities.

Learn more about Motif's bioprocessing capabilities online on Capacitor, a database resource for bioprocess service platforms:

Source: Motif FoodWorks