Hickory Nut Gap, a family-owned farming operation known for its commitment to quality regeneratively-raised meats, announces the launch of Vital Blend — a nutrient-dense custom blend of grass-fed ground beef, liver and heart that offers over 20% more protein per serving (compared to their existing 80/20 blend) which can satisfy the needs of keto, paleo and carnivore diets.

The new blend is a unique way for families to receive the health benefits of liver and heart, which are packed with essential vitamins and minerals, including iron, vitamin A, vitamin C and other nutrients. The addition of these nutrient-rich ingredients to their regeneratively-raised 100% grass-fed ground beef creates a rich flavor.

"We are always looking for innovative ways to bring healthy, sustainably-raised meats to our customers,” said Jamie Ager, fourth-generation farmer and co-owner of Hickory Nut Gap. “Vital Blend offers a convenient and delicious way for families to incorporate more nutritious ingredients into their diet [...] while still enjoying the taste and texture of high-quality ground beef that Hickory Nut Gap is known for.”

While organ meats have been staging a comeback in recent years, many consumers are still unaware of the nutritional values of liver and heart and are unsure how to prepare them. The launch of Vital Blend from Hickory Nut Gap brings together the properties of organ meats with the convenience and taste of their 80/20 ground beef 1-pound brick packs. 

Vital Blend is available now in 1-pound frozen Cryovac packaging with a 12 month shelf life. Contact sales@hickorynutgap.com for inquiries or to place an order.

Source: Hickory Nut Gap