As grocery retailers plan to expand meat offerings in 2023, the focus will be on increased access to fresh and organic offerings. Fresh meat products are a critical driver of growth for retailers, and this is why they rely so heavily on dependable suppliers and brokers. Independent fresh-food sales agency Epic Sales Partners helped more than 75 retail chains and more than 2,000 storefronts access over 300 different meat products in 2022. They have increased this commitment in 2023, with a goal of helping retailers and meat suppliers provide local communities access to more than 600 different meat products in 2023.

Epic Sales Partners is helping meet the increasing demands of grocery retailers and consumers looking for quality fresh meat. Epic does this by only working with meat suppliers who are committed to being category leaders, ensuring a consistent supply chain of fresh meat products.

"Retail shoppers still prefer to shop for fresh meat in their local stores," said Dave Huddle, president of Epic Sales Partners-Central. "Our retail partners rely heavily on quality meat suppliers to meet these demands and to consistently increase store traffic due to the availability of fresh meat products."

The industry expects to see a 5.5% increase in food sales in 2023. In addition, inflation has decreased for perimeter departments, which includes fresh meat. A recent study by IRI, "Impact Of Inflation On Consumer Behavior," shows that as inflation has decreased, demand has increased. Retailers especially experienced volume growth in pork, chicken, and beef during the latter half of 2022.

"Epic stays ahead of trends and works with meat suppliers across the country to supply a steady supply chain of quality products," said Mark Wilhelm, President of Epic Sales Partners-West. "Our growth in the variety of meat products helps meet the increasing demands of retailers and consumers."

Source Epic Sales Partners