Tyson Foods recently introduced a Climate-Smart Beef Program, which includes an accounting framework to model greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) for cattle from pasture to production.  

In addition, Tyson Foods announced the launch of Brazen Beef, which leveraged information and data obtained through the Climate-Smart Beef Program to become the first beef product to receive USDA approval for a “climate-friendly” claim by demonstrating a 10% GHG emissions reduction from pasture to production against the standard emissions for conventionally raised beef. 

The Climate-Smart Beef Program 

The program combines tried-and-true rancher ingenuity with the latest data and technology. It includes an incentive for enrolled farmers and ranchers to adopt climate-smart agricultural practices that help reduce GHG emissions and may help to minimize erosion, improve water quality and conserve habitats.  

The Climate-Smart Beef Program used collaboration to build a best-in-class model in conjunction with:  

  • Environmental Defense Fund: Helped incorporate an adapted version of its scientifically robust methodology to assess nitrous oxide emissions in Tyson’s value chain 
  • The Nature Conservancy: Helped enhance the accounting framework with information on cow/calf producer production practices that work to foster biodiversity and ecosystem balance 
  • Adams Land & Cattle: Tyson’s Climate-Smart Beef Program supply partners at the cutting edge of beef production data management 
  • Deloitte: Tyson's technical expert consulting on the development of the program framework 

The program Supports Tyson’s ambition to create a food system that is more sustainable and equitable for current and future generations.  

More information can be found in the blog post linked here

 Source: Tyson Foods