Alaska Airlines is elevating its premium onboard menu with the return of hot meals to the in-flight retail menu in the Main Cabin. Fueled by the airline's preorder program, Alaska Airlines' in-flight menu continues to offer more choices than any other U.S. airline.

Alaska Airlines is elevating its premium onboard menu with the expansion of hot meals in its Main Cabin on most flights over 1,100 miles

Alaska Airlines is elevating its premium onboard menu with the expansion of hot meals in its Main Cabin on most flights over 1,100 miles. Courtesy of Alaska Airlines.

Starting May 22, 2024, Premium Class and Main Cabin guests on most flights over 1,100 miles will be able to choose from up to five chef-curated dishes, including at least one hot meal option. Along with freshly prepared food offerings like the airline's Signature Fruit & Cheese Platter, hot meals are only available for preorder purchase.

Over the last few months, Alaska Airlines' Food & Beverage teams have been working to elevate in-flight meals, including expanding hot meal options on most medium- to long-haul flights.

"We're known for an inflight menu that is more thoughtfully curated with care. For a while now, our guests have often asked us if we're ever going to bring back hot meals in the Main Cabin," said Todd Traynor-Corey, managing director of guest products at Alaska Airlines. "It's been difficult to keep it a secret - but for more than a year, our team has quietly worked behind the scenes taste testing the best hot food options with our culinary chef and creating a West Coast-inspired menu. Now no matter where they sit, guests will get to taste our world class food and beverages."

Meet the chef

Born and bred amidst the flavorful tapestry of London's hotel restaurant scene, Chef Tony WRight has collaborated with LSG Sky Chefs locations around the world. In the last couple of months, Wright has worked closely with Alaska Airlines.

Chef Tony WrightAlaska Airlines worked with Chef Tony Wright to create the West Coast-inspired hot food menu. Courtesy of Alaska Airlines.

"It was important to the Alaska team to create a menu based on guest feedback. The creative process of selecting meals that made the most sense for the West Coast-based airline and then sourcing the freshest ingredients was a labor of love for all of us who were involved in developing this menu," said Wright. "This airline truly cares about creating a premium onboard experience and we hope everyone experiences that with every bite of their food."

Employee reviews

Before the menu launch, Alaska Airlines employees taste-tested the new meal options and provided their honest feedback.

"I love breakfast, so the Carnitas Breakfast Bowl was my favorite. It's a classic pairing of slow roasted pork, eggs and potatoes, but with flavors that work well together to strike a delicious balance," said Naomi S.G., flight attendant at Alaska Airlines.

The Pretzel Roll Sliders were an immediate win for Alaska Airlines Flight Attendant Krystal G. "I'm from Hawaiʻi and once you said it was on KING'S HAWAIIAN slider buns, I was sold ... It's definitely not your traditional burger – it has an elevated, well-rounded taste," said Krystal. "Our guests are going to be really excited about this new menu. There's something on it for everybody."

New hot food items:

Meal Flight type Meal description

Carnitas Breakfast Bowl

Eastbound flights and to Hawaii (breakfast departures)

Slow-roasted pull pork and salsa verde, with a side of breakfast potatoes and fresh scrambled eggs.

Monte Cristo Breakfast Sandwich

Westbound flights and from Hawaii (breakfast departures)

Smoked turkey breast, sliced ham & Swiss cheese served on a square croissant bun with cream cheese & raspberry jam.

Panang Curry Chicken

Eastbound flights and to Hawaii (lunch/dinner departures)

Red coconut curry with grilled chicken breast and jasmine rice. Topped with edamame beans, sweet red peppers and onions.

Pretzel Roll Sliders with Chips

Westbound flights and from Hawaii (lunch/dinner departures)

Two Angus beef patties on KING'S HAWAIIAN Original Sweet Pretzel Slider Buns with caramelized onions and Swiss cheese. Served with kettle-style chips.

All preorder items range from $8–11.50. Customers who pay with their Alaska Visa Signature or Visa Business card will receive 20% back in the form of a statement credit. 

The full in-flight menu is available here.

Source: Alaska Airlines