Gorton’s Seafood is celebrating 175 years. To commemorate this milestone, the Massachusetts-based company has launched a nationwide campaign, "Yellow, Out of the Blue," to spread something beyond seafood: joy.

According to Very Well Mind 2023, yellow, the brand’s color, can evoke feelings of warmth, happiness and joy. With "Yellow, Out of the Blue," Gorton’s has rallied its employees and consumers alike to perform 175 acts of joy across the country – all connected with a yellow theme. These acts ranged from delivering yellow food items to a food pantry and donating yellow supplies to an animal shelter to planting yellow flowers. Each act was designed to brighten someone’s day.

"As we mark our 175th anniversary, we're excited to partner with our community of employees and consumers to launch a unique initiative focused on spreading joy and positivity across the country," said Kurt Hogan, president and CEO of Gorton's. "This campaign is our way of saying 'thank you' to everyone who has been a part of our incredible story over the years."

The brand also enlisted a diverse group of influencers to participate in this endeavor of spreading goodness. From lifestyle content creators to teachers and even furry companions, each influencer has taken on a unique act of joy, sharing their experiences on social media to inspire others.

Gorton's continues to build on its 175-year history by upholding its commitment to spreading the goodness of the sea by providing quality seafood to consumers across the nation. Established in Gloucester, Mass., in 1849, Gorton’s remains rooted in its seaside origins, employing over 400 individuals across corporate and plant staff.

“While innovation and the ability to evolve with consumer needs have been key drivers in building our brand, Gorton’s ultimate success and longevity are truly a testament to the incredible people who have made up our team for the past 175 years,” said Hogan. “Their dedication to delivering quality seafood to our consumers has been foundational to our journey.”

Source: Gorton's Seafood