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Doboy Inc., a division of Bosch Packaging Technology, has introduced ultrasonic sealing technology for vertical form, fill and seal machinery for use in food- and confectionery-packaging applications. Bosch’s ultrasonic sealing technology is capable of web material speeds used on vertical form, fill and seal machines and offers possible sealing time reduction. Seams can be immediately subjected to product load after joining, reducing processing times. Ultrasonic sealing can be more precisely calibrated than heat sealing. Operators are able to adjust oscillating frequency, ensuring a reproducible seal. Additionally, processing parameters can be saved and recalled and the joining process can be validated.
Doboy Inc., phone (715) 243-2334 or visit

Vacuum Packaging

The Repak from Reiser is capable of running vacuum packages at rates of 15-20 CPM, MAP packages at rates of 10-12 CPM, and VSP packages at 8 to 10 CPM, depending on product and package size. Changeover from one package style to the next is easy, making the system ideal for a small- to mid-sized producer or larger producers with varying package and product needs. With four models to choose from, Repak offers a solution for applications of all sizes.

Reiser, phone (781) 821-1290 or visit


Mettler Toledo has introduced a portfolio of services that combine knowledge and experience to help customers improve cost control and reaction time, increase output and minimize risk of failure. The new portfolio was designed to ensure the continuous performance and reliability of thermal analysis systems. Preliminary visual inspections and operational checks are performed and supported by a detailed technical report. Documentation of the calibration check and adjustment of the thermal analysis modules is also provided.

Mettler-Toledo, phone (800) 638-8537 or visit  

Transfer Sheets

Flavorseal® Flavor Wraps™ Spice and Flavor Transfer Sheets make it easy to apply popular spice or flavor blends to products during cooking or packaging. With three different application methods, processors can apply spices and flavors faster, more evenly, and with the controlled consistency that is important to their brands. Consistent, uniform spice coverage reduces leakers, enhances eye appeal, and helps maintain the integrity and safety of processor brands.

Carroll Manufacturing & Sales, phone (866) 769-1500 or visit  


FKI Logistex® has announced the North American launch of its Logistex MR200 Motorized Roller Conveyor, a time-saving, energy-efficient system that is part of the company’s new Logistex Case Conveyor Solutions (LCCS) product family. The MR200 provides 24-volt motorized roller zero-contact accumulation and features a standard control module for straightforward programming without the need for reengineering or additional tools. It arrives ready to plug-and-play, featuring a wide range of pre-programmed, zone-control options that can be changed using simple switch settings, without the need for software programming.

FKI Logistex, phone (877) 935-4564 or visit  

Metal Detector

Mettler-Toledo Safeline has introduced its HDS (Heavy Duty Sausage) Pipeline metal detector. Integration with other elements in the manufacturing process is an essential requirement for any sausage-product inspection system. These rugged, mobile, compact systems are designed for close integration with leading vacuum fillers and other sausage processing equipment for easy incorporation into a production line. The intuitive, robust PowerPhase membrane-style menu-driven interface provides easy set up and minimized downtime at product changeovers. Full stainless-steel construction and sealing standards up to IP69K make HDS pipeline detectors suitable for the harshest meat-processing environments.

Mettler-Toledo, phone (800) 638-8537 or visit

Display Case

Structural Concepts’ Oasis® Series of refrigerated and non-refrigerated open air-screen merchandisers now includes five new refrigerated Oasis® CO models with tray-slide capacity, allowing foodservice operations to install a self-provided tray slide to match the height and style of other equipment at the location. A stainless-steel tray slide is available as a purchase option. The new self-service models offer as standard Structural Concepts’ Breeze™ self-contained refrigeration system. Other standard features include energy-saving T8 top lights and removable deck pans to provide complete access to the evaporator coil and refrigeration connections.

Structural Concepts, phone (800) 433-9489 or visit  


Created by Scienceware®, the Sterileware® Sense-able™ Detectable Scoops are designed to be detectable by metal detection or X-ray equipment, protecting product from quarantine and recalls. The 4-ounce and 8-ounce scoops are gamma sterilized and molded from a proprietary formula that is uniformly distributed throughout the entire scoop, allowing smaller pieces to be detected. Durable and individually-wrapped, these scoops are suitable for one-time use in food processing and pharmaceutical applications.

Nelson-Jameson Inc., phone (715) 387-1151, Ext. 327 or visit  

Emergency Rinse

New Plum Sterile pH Neutralizing Emergency Products can return eyes back to normal pH levels in 20 seconds, preventing permanent damage. The products not only rinse eyes, they neutralize safely and effectively with a sterile phosphate buffer. Bottles require no maintenance or cleaning and meet all U.S. Federal Regulations and ANSI standards. Nelson-Jameson now offers Plum Sterile pH Neutralizing (200mL) and Sterile Saline (500mL) Eye Wash Stations, Plum Sterile pH Neutralizing Emergency Shower Station (1000mL) and refills for both stations.

Nelson-Jameson Inc., phone (715) 387-1151, Ext. 327 or visit  


TKO Dock Doors introduced the TKO ThermalWeight® impactable dock door. Design benefits include 4-inch thick, moisture-resistant, closed-cell foam core panel with damage resistant polymer interior facing, full height Impact-A-Track™ guide, heavy-duty, retractable plungers allow door to release from the opening upon and a tight perimeter weather seal. Available options and accessories include thermal pane rectangular window, super bottom panel and a bottom Brush Seal in addition to loop seal.

TKO Dock Doors, phone (877) 408-6788 or visit  

Aleco claims that using an Aleco PVC strip door helps maintain a unit’s constant temperature and can reduce the infiltration of warm air by as much as 93 percent. In many areas the use of strip doors in a walk-in qualifies for an energy saving incentive from the local utility company. The company’s TearAway™ pre-punched, perforated PVC strips, available in smooth and Scratch-Guard® as well as cooler and reinforced freezer formulations are versatile, ready-to-hang strips suitable for applications where quick and easy installation and replacement are required.

Aleco, phone (800) 633-3120 or visit  


Niroflex USA has announced improvements to its namesake product, Niroflex2000 mesh gloves. The company will be replacing the silicone stiffener with one made of food-safe TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). They will stand up to cleaning chemicals and steam cleaning, even better than the silicone. This will help reduce repair costs due to silicone stiffeners breaking down. They have excellent bacteria resistance and offer a stronger cuff “stay” with no reduction in comfort. They also have excellent resistance against oils, fat, blood, diluted leaches and acids while staying flexible in very cold and very hot temperatures.

Niroflex USA, phone (847) 400-2638 or visit  

Sign Base

As floor plans and facility needs change, the Ideal Shield® pyramid and octagon Sign Bases provide convenient, portable or permanent options for signage needs can as well. Made of low-density polyethylene plastic, these sign bases reduce maintenance, increase visibility, will not fade or crack and enhance facility appearance. Sign bases weigh only 24 pounds, saving money shipping costs versus a concrete sign base. The Pyramid sign base is available with wheels for easy mobility and convenient moving in the event of maintenance or repairs. The Octagon sign base is available for bolt-in applications. Sign bases are easy to install and are tip resistant when filled with concrete, sand or water. Standard sign base colors include blue, red and OSHA yellow. Custom colors are available upon request.

Ideal Shield, phone (888) 769-8887 or visit  


PolyCo USA manufactures VR™ vinyl-free protective apparel which provides for four to six times the average life of similar (vinyl) products, but is 100 percent recyclable. The material provides strength and puncture resistance as well as protection. Free of vinyl and latex, VR has been clinically tested to offer resistance to fats, oils and chemicals such as nitric, sulfuric, hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids. Containing no toxic substances or plasticizers, VR can be recycled, land filled or incinerated without harming the environment. The VR line of protective wear includes aprons, sleeves, gowns, gloves, shoe covers, boot covers, rain wear, overalls and jackets.

PolyCo, phone (217)893-3330 or visit  

Control Box

A new two-page color brochure for the Quick Connect™ HFC1 plug-and-play control box is available from Hörmann Flexon. Introduced in December, this innovative control box is standard equipment and provides a convenient plug-in system for powering up Hörmann Flexon high-performance doors. The new brochure highlights many features and benefits of this original technology.

Hörmann Flexon, phone (800) 365-3667 or visit  

Testing Equipment

Rainin has launched its E-Man Hybrid, a new generation pipette offering high performance, durability and ergonomics. The E-Man Hybrid incorporates the operational simplicity of a manual pipette with innovative real-time sensing technology. The pipette allows for real-time monitoring of the position of the piston and the amount of liquid dispensed. The E-Man Hybrid is designed with ergonomic benefits in mind. Featuring the LTS Lite-Touch-System, the product’s great feel, light weight and low forces allow it to be hand-friendly.

Mettler-Toledo, phone (800) 638-8537 or visit  


NuTEC’s C-Frame Depositors have improved the process to deposit fillings for stuffed sandwiches, multiple-layered products, stuffed seafood, appetizers, and rolled or wrapped product. These portioning depositors provide excellent portion weight control and clean, accurate filling placement down the line. Up to 45,000 deposits per hour are attainable on certain models. NuTEC’s unique feed system uses a rotating spiral that gently moves the product to the rotary vane pump. Deposit sizes of up to 1½-inches thick can be achieved. The 100 percent hydraulic system on these Depositors also minimizes maintenance, reduces downtime and lowers repair costs.

NuTEC Manufacturing, phone (815)722-2800 or visit  


Onset Computer Corp. has announced the availability of a 30-day trial version of HOBOware® Pro 2.7.1, the company’s graphing and analysis software package for HOBO® data loggers. The software combines fast, easy logger-launch and readout functions with powerful data-plotting capabilities. An intuitive, graphical user interface allows users to select environmental parameters to display, format graphs, perform analysis, and save projects for future use. HOBOware also supports one-click export of data to Microsoft® Excel or other ASCII-compatible programs, and is compatible with a broad range of Onset data logger and weather-station products. The trial version of HOBOware can be downloaded at

Onset Computer Corp., phone (800) 564-4377 or visit

Mettler Toledo has introduced Version 5.2 of its FreeWeigh.Net, a powerful, software solution for quality control in pharmaceutical production. FreeWeigh.Net provides all functions necessary for pre-packaging and in-process control for pharmaceutical applications. The optional Audit Trail module guarantees complete traceability of all changes in the system with programmable logs. Additionally, the software system provides an unlimited number of user groups and over 50 individual, centrally managed authorization options.

Mettler-Toledo, phone (800) 638-8537 or visit  

FKI Logistex® has released NetLok™, a secure information infrastructure for remote connectivity. NetLok features a closed-loop login procedure with a restricted login provision, allowing secure, one-time access to the network by authorized technical support staff. With reliable 24/7 diagnostics availability, FKI Logistex technical-support staff can log-in remotely to troubleshoot, identify and respond immediately to the problem with the appropriate solution. NetLok supports multiple industry-standard connection types, centering around a virtual private network (VPN), and can handle PLC or PC systems from the same connection, allowing several sites to be managed without the need for resident connectivity applications.

FKI Logistex, phone (877) 935-4564 or visit  

Association News

The Reusable Packaging Association (RPA) has elected its new executive committee and board members. The new board has been expanded to represent the broader reusable packaging industry, adding individuals with strong business and leadership experience. The 2009 RPA Executive Committee will be led by Bob Klimko of ORBIS Corp. as chairman. Jon Kalin of Rehrig Pacific will become the new vice chairman, and David Rieser of Georgia-Pacific RPC, will serve as secretary/treasurer. Fred Heptinstall, who will move to immediate past chairman, and Jerry Welcome, the new RPA president and chief executive officer, will serve as ex officio members of the board.

Industry News

  • Laura’s Lean Beef Co. has earned the Good Housekeeping Seal, one of the most widely recognized emblems in the world of consumer goods, for its entire family of products. The Good Housekeeping Seal was introduced in 1909 by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. Seal-backed products are covered by Good Housekeeping’s two-year money-back or replacement warranty. A recent consumer survey shows a 95 percent positive awareness of the Good Housekeeping Seal. The seal is helpful in assuring consumers that products have met certain quality standards.
  • Gilroy Foods & Flavors™ kicked off 2009 with a new issue of Food & FlavorCast™, the company’s quarterly update designed to bring insights and ideas on the trends shaping the way Americans eat. Food & FlavorCast reported that the snacking craze is altering eating and shopping patterns in the United States. Currently, 21 percent of all meals are snacks. Snacks offer consumers new flavors in on-the-go formats to fit hectic lifestyles and in foodservice, snacks are often “right-size” food portions at the “right-size” price. Gilroy Foods & Flavors looked to South America to see what’s really cooking within the popular culinary and travel destination. Americans were discovered as true carnivores consuming 62.8 pounds of beef per person each year. To top it off, 22 percent of Americans are interested in trying a Brazilian restaurant. Food & FlavorCast explores ways to enhance menus with South American flair such as a versatile chimichurri sauce that can top a steak, fries or blended in a dressing. For the full report, download a copy of Food & FlavorCast at Gilroy Foods & Flavors offers custom value-added vegetables and flavor solutions; integrating savory flavor systems and seasonings to help leading foodservice operators create the most innovative new products and menu offerings.
  • Teva-Off Israel has launched fresh poultry with an eight-day shelf life. Teva-Off used proprietary packaging technology by Hefestus Israel. This invention significantly helps the producer and retailer cut product cost and number of returns as a result of improving processes in the supply chain. Teva-Off has succeeded in doubling its poultry product shelf life to eight days. Teva-Off developed the new product with Hefestus’ proprietary packaging technology, Hera SLB™ (Shelf Life Booster). A high-quality applications laboratory performed shelf-life tests on a daily basis over a period of several months. Results showed Hefestus’ advanced technology provided a maximum shelf life of 12 days or more for fresh poultry. Hefestus Ltd. is a developer and manufacturer of top-sealing packaging machines. The company specializes in supplying unique and complete packaging solutions for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Validation studies comparing the BAX® system from DuPont Qualicon to traditional culture methods for detecting Salmonella on stainless steel, concrete and other surfaces found that the BAX® system demonstrated the same level of accuracy but shaved days off the time to result. Based on those studies, AOAC Research Institute (Gaithersburg, Md.) has extended their certification of the BAX® system Salmonella assay as a performance-tested method for use on environmental samples.
  • Teledyne Tekmar Co., a subsidiary of Teledyne Technologies Inc., has announced a sales partnership with SCI-CON, which will represent Tekmar instruments in their southeastern territory (Florida, Georgia, Mississippi and Alabama). SCI-CON, established in 1972, has over 35 years in analytical instrumentation business as a manufacturer’s representative and dealer. Teledyne Tekmar, is a leader in the design and manufacturing of analytical instrumentation for the laboratory.
  • Admix Inc. has launched a newly updated and streamlined interactive Web site: The new site will allow users easy access to a wealth of useful information pertaining to advanced mixing technologies. Admix is a manufacturer of stainless steel and other innovative mixing technologies. It specializes in the manufacture of sanitary high-speed dispersers, high-shear emulsifiers, inline emulsifiers and wet mills, sanitary static mixers and blenders, low-speed stainless batch mixers and vacuum conveying and powder delivery mix stations.
  • Bosch’s Packaging Technology Division plans to acquire Paal Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG, based in Remshalden near Stuttgart. The purchase agreement was signed in September, and is subject to the approval of antitrust authorities. Paal is a packaging and automation specialist engaged in the development, manufacture, and sale of lines for secondary and multiple-unit packaging involving material such as paper, solid fiber board, and compact andcorrugated board. In acquiring Paal, Bosch Packaging Technology seeks to strengthen its systems business and round off its product portfolio in secondary and multiple-unit packaging. In the future, the company says the division will be even better placed to offer its customers integrated, complete one-stop solutions and to meet the rising demand for a comprehensive range of products and services.