PolyConversions Inc. offers VR™ Rainwear as part of their extensive line of personal protective apparel. As with other PolyCo VR™ products, the suits are odorless, vinyl free and latex free.

Durable VR™ Rain Wear features the option of applying a three-piece detachable hood and offers a comfortable fit with a lightweight design. VR™ Rainwear is environmentally sustainable and contains no toxic substances or plasticizers. Manufactured entirely in the USA, VR™ Chemical Suits can be safely recycled, land- filled or incinerated without harming the environment.

The proprietary VR™ material has been clinically tested to offer resistance to chemicals such as nitric, sulfuric, hydrochloric, and hydrofluoric acids. Independent tests have demonstrated that VR™ meets Class 100 clean room specifications. VR™ is intended to safeguard clean room and non-clean room employees from potential chemical or biohazard contamination.

VR™ protective wear consists of lightweight reusable disposable garments for contamination control use in the industrial, food processing and medical industries. The VR™ line also includes Aprons, Boot Covers, Gloves, Gowns, Shoe Covers and Sleeves. Further information can be obtained by visiting the Poly-Conversions Web site: www.polycousa.com.