The Stein TFF-IV fryer from JBT FoodTech delivers higher levels of oil management, heat transfer, flexibility and safety. Its patented CooLHEAT vertical fin heat exchanger provides very gentle heat transfer and low heat flux with high BTU input, resulting in longer oil life and superior product quality. The thermal fluid heating system inside of the fryer tank helps minimize cooking oil volume and greatly reduces cooking oil turbulence for enhanced sediment control and improved product quality and consistency. Improvements in the design of expansion joints on the fryer hood have eliminated the need for beauty covers, stitch welds, and fillers like RTV. An automatic hood lift system raises hood and conveyors for easy access for inspection and sanitation.

JBT FoodTech: (419) 626-0304, or visit

Metal Detectors

For accurate inspection of intense product-effect foods, such as deli meats, ham and fresh poultry, CEIA THS21 metal detectors from Heat and Control reduce waste and downtime resulting from false reject signals. Patent-pending CEIA metal detection technology delivers the highest sensitivity to all magnetic and non-magnetic metals. The THS21 detector continuously tests and recalibrates itself to maintain maximum stability and performance. CEIA’s Auto-Learn system selects, displays, and stores the optimal sensitivity settings for up to 500 products, to prevent changeover guesswork and inspection errors. Bluetooth connectivity eliminates the need to access the detector’s interior for programming and data collection. Ethernet connection is also available.

Heat and Control Inc.: (800) 227-5980, or visit

Eriez’ user-friendly E-Z Tec DSP metal detector features a state-of-the-art electronic design that combines an easy-to-use touch screen interface with advanced digital signal processing to provide detailed analysis and reporting. The metal detector features the highest level of sensitivities available for dry, wet and liquid product processing and utilizes a standard three-coil aperture arrangement to send a signal to the unit’s control for digital processing. The use of digital signal processing, or DSP, aids in detection of metallic contaminants, particularly in wet or conductive products such as meats and cheeses. For improved function and simplified diagnostics, the electronics for the E-Z Tec DSP have been consolidated and multiple detectors can be monitored and controlled from a single PC, providing plant-wide access to data and reports.

Eriez: (888) 300-3743, or visit


With the new meat culture Bactoferm Rubis from Chr. Hansen, processors can succeed in preserving an attractive appearance for their sliced meat products during shelf-life. The culture can remove traces of oxygen from vacuum- or modified atmosphere-packed sliced meat products, emphasizing the color-stabilizing effect by reducing and eliminating residual amounts of oxygen in RTE meat products without changing the flavor. The culture consumes oxygen as part of its natural metabolism without otherwise affecting the sensoric quality. The culture is easily applied, and it requires no changes to the processing layout and offers increased flexibility in the packaging process and offers decreased costs as a result of reduced consumer complaints and product returns by retailers.

Chr. Hansen: (800) 558-0802, or visit

Bagging System

The AccuFill table bagging system from Gainco delivers labor savings, cost-saving performance and space efficiency. These systems are ideal for the full range of meat, poultry and seafood weigh/bagging applications, including breaded, fresh and frozen items. The AccuFill table bagging system combines the functions of weighing, filling, bagging and quality control into one compact workstation. A continuous flow of product can be visually inspected and directed into the weigh hopper for precise weighing and bagging – all using just one operator. Labor savings result from combining several work functions into one efficient process. In addition, faster cycle times and increased throughput can be achieved – even when compared to some automated bagging systems. The open-frame construction of the systems promotes better food safety and ease of cleaning.

Gainco Inc.: (800) 467-2828, or visit


Sealed Air’s Cryovac brand offers Oven Ease ovenable bags for bone-in or boneless products such as ribs, roasts, whole turkeys, roasters and hams. Available in widths from 8 to 16 inches, the bag allows pre-seasoned items to be cooked inside the same material it is packaged in, reducing prep-time, clean-up time and, in some cases, cooking time. The convenient ovenable package features exceptional clarity and can be used with cook-from-raw or reheat applications. Withstanding temperatures of up to 400F for two hours or 375F for four hours, Oven Ease bags can cook a rack of ribs in about one hour and a whole roaster in an hour and a half. Oven Ease bags run on existing rotary chamber systems, offering an easy changeover for processors.

Sealed Air Corp.: (800) 845-3456, or visit


Wire Belt offers C-CureEdge patented C-shaped end loops, as one of the latest technologies available for Flat-Flex conveyor belts. C-CureEdge provides maximum safety with end loops that won’t snag or tangle during shipment, storage or installation. Belts on tight transfers, multi-tiered coolers, and hold-down belt applications are most prone to damage from belts catching and tangling. C-CureEdge diminishes the opportunity for damage to conveyors and minimizes the risk of accidents from sharp or burred open ends. C-Cure Edge increases safety and improves productivity in facilities.

Wire Belt: (603) 644-2500, or visit


Weber’s CCP (computer controlled peeler) offers improved hygiene, greater throughput and reduced production costs. It can peel meat and cheese, eliminating the need for human contact with the peeled product. Strict separation between peeled and unpeeled product prevents contamination and results in greater levels of hygienic operation. The touchscreen controls provide nearly instantaneous change-overs, resulting in operator ease and greater throughput. Round products from 2 to 6.5 inches in diameter can be peeled, as well as square and D-shaped products. Capable of peeling products up to 10 feet in length, the CCP can be automatically and continuously loaded to process up to 300 logs per hour. Automatic sensors signal any product peeling imperfection, and logs are removed for correction.

Weber Inc.: (800) 505-9591, or visit


Bettcher has introduced the unique, new Mach 3 power unit, providing additional speed and power for enhanced performance throughout the entire operating range of AirMax pneumatic trimmers. AirMax Mach 3 trimmers cut faster and require less effort for every application load. They trim much easier when compared to conventional pneumatic trimmers, with enhanced power. Taking advantage of higher speed and higher torque means applications such as defatting hams and defatting pork loins are easier, less challenging and less fatiguing to undertake. The design of the new Mach 3 power unit converts more of the air motor’s rotational movement directly into blade movement, thereby increasing blade speed and meat cutting effectiveness.

Bettcher Industries Inc.: (440) 965-4422, or visit


Prince Industries Inc. manufactures the Prince 221 Combination Deboner to meet low- to medium-volume deboning needs in the poultry industry. The Prince 221 offers the highest quality of output and yield. The unique feature of the combination deboner is a self-pumping system that pipes the deboned meat directly into boxes or bags for easy handling, packing, and shipping. The Prince 221 deboner, which is made of stainless steel and offers simple, clean mechanical deboning, is designed to provide a wide range of deboned products.

Prince Industries Inc.: (770) 536-3679, or visit


Sullair Corp. has redesigned its 200 HP compressors that combine the reliability of Sullair’s single-stage rotary screw air end with today’s most innovative technology. These compressors are offered with a choice of constant speed drive models, LS-200S, or constant speed drive with variable capacity control, VCC-200S and VCC-250S. These 200 HP compressors have capacities ranging from 457 to 980 acfm, and pressure ranges of 100 to 175 psig. The Variable Speed Drive (VSD) model V-200S, with capacities of 576 to 967 acfm, completes the compressor offering. These compressors have flange-mounted motors and air ends to provide positive alignment and extend bearing life in both. Variable Capacity Control, achieved with Sullair’s spiral valve technology, allows the compressor to match pressure and capacity with system demand.

Sullair Corp.: (219) 879-5451, or visit

Dock Door

Damaged dock doors are a common problem for busy loading docks. TKO Dock Doors offers TKO CruiserWeight impactable dock door, which was specifically designed to combat the damage and downtime. The TKO CruiserWeight is designed to prevent damage to the door panel and track when impacted and is the industry’s most rugged door. When impacted, the CruiserWeight releases from the track, eliminating costly panel damage. After impact, resetting the door is quick and easy. Simply pull the plunger cable or the door handles to bring the panels back into the door track. No tools are required, and there is no sustained damage.

TKO Dock Doors: (877) 408-6788, or visit

Industry News

Industry News

MEAT INDUSTRY HALL OF FAME: The charter members of the Meat Industry Hall of Fame were honored at Chicago’s Union League Club on October 28. Guests were treated to a journey through meat industry history delivered by broadcaster, author and keynote speaker Bill Kurtis, followed by introductions from presenters and acceptance remarks from members.

“The ceremonies were the culmination of two years of planning, and we couldn’t be happier with the enthusiasm, the turnout and the many moving speeches members shared with the audience,” said Dan Murphy, executive director. “It was amazing to be in the same room with so many successful, dynamic leaders whose passion for their profession was so evident and heartfelt,” added Chuck Jolley, president.

At the event, it was announced that an endowed scholarship fund has been created by Intervet Schering-Plough Animal Health in honor of Hall of Fame charter member Dell Allen, Ph.D., a former Professor at Kansas State University. The scholarship will fund graduate studies in animal science at KSU.

Nominations for the Meat Industry Hall Of Fame Class of 2010 are now open. Anyone who is a participant in the meatpacking, poultry processing, livestock production and all and related academic disciplines are eligible to submit nominations. Forms can be accessed online at All nominations must be received by March 21, 2010.

RUTGERS INNOVATION CENTER: The Rutgers Food Innovation Center (FIC) has launched a national educational program consisting of in-class and on-site food safety training, online business planning courses and on-demand videos, and an array of specialized services targeted at the food industry. These educational resources are designed for food industry employers and employees, food business entrepreneurs, as well as community farm market participants and organizers.

Lou Cooperhouse, director of the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, said, “The Rutgers Food Innovation Center has received considerable interest from entrepreneurs and established businesses regarding the availability of a wide variety of education and training programs in the food industry, as these did not exist. These classes are now available online, in-class and on-site to meet the personalized needs of our clients. These new programs allow us to expand the reach of our Center to food businesses throughout New Jersey, and our online classes can be of great value to entrepreneurs worldwide.”

For further information about its upcoming classes, or to learn about the Rutgers Food Innovation Center, call (856) 459-1900 or visit the Center’s website at

Supplier News

Supplier News

Wolf-tec Inc. has appointed Kirk Luchman as product manager – portioning solutions. Luchman most recently served as regional sales manager/key accounts for Treif USA since 2007, and prior to that as regional sales manager for AEW Thurne Inc where he was responsible for the sale of portioning and slicing equipment throughout the U.S. Luchman will be based in Larkspur, Colo., and will provide sales support throughout the USA and Canada for Wolf-tec’s new line of portioning equipment.

A workforce consisting of more than 40 Multivac employees and family members took part in this year’s “Christmas in October” event on October 10. Begun in 1984, “Christmas in October” recruits volunteers to help fix and repair homes for the elderly, disabled and other homeowners who lack the financial resources and skills to make necessary repairs to their homes.

“The Multivac team is one that is well qualified to help an organization like “Christmas in October,” notes Jan Erik Kuhlmann, Multivac president/CEO. “We have a generous group of dedicated and technically gifted people working at our company. So, we all decided this would be a great cause for us to support this year.” The team from Multivac arrived at the appointed home early Saturday morning and spent the day pruning trees, clearing brush, weeding and removing trash, while also rebuilding a porch roof and carport with materials donated by the company.

Multisorb has introduced its Calculations Through Operations customer support program, combining the company’s value-added pseudo-empirical modeling programs and its portfolio of sorbents and dispensing equipment. Together, the components of the program help manufacturers speed time to market while maintaining their products’ efficacy and appeal. For food processors, include processed meats and snack foods companies, the program takes a look at the entire life cycle of the product, from development to packaging and transportation to consumer use. The end result is the development of a customized packaging solution that maintains food safety, quality and product attributes throughout the product’s shelf life.

Marel has appointed a team of managing directors who will head the four new Industry Centers that make up the spine of the company’s operations. The establishment of the Industry Centers – for fish, meat, poultry and further processing – is a reflection of the enhanced industry-oriented focus that Marel is adopting in order to better serve customers in each of its four primary markets.

Sigsteinn Gretarsson has been appointed managing director of the Fish and Meat Industry Centers. Anton de Weerd has been appointed managing director of the Poultry Industry Center. Theo Hoen, CEO of Marel Food Systems, will serve as managing director of the Further Processing Industry Center. In addition, Petur Gudjonsson has been appointed managing director of the Sales and Service Units (SSUs), the field offices around the world that make up the distribution network for the four Industry Centers.

Richard Hazel, CEO, announced that Seltzer Companies Inc., which includes Seltzer Nutritional Technologies and Seltzer Ingredients, has officially been renamed Glanbia Nutritionals (NA) Inc. and will operate under the Glanbia Nutritionals Customized Solutions brand.

Hazel said, “We are very pleased to announce the rebranding of our company. As part of the global Glanbia Group since 2006, it is only fitting that we complete the association with our parent company by undertaking this rebranding initiative. We look forward to continuing to provide our portfolio of nutritional ingredients, colors and customized micronutrient blends to manufacturers of nutritional, food, beverage, human health and personal care products.”