JBS United Inc. has acquired a feed mill and the surrounding property in Washington, Iowa, that was previously owned by Practical Environmental Solutions. Purchased through an auction on July 21st, 2010, the plant was not currently operating, so no jobs will be lost, and it is likely some jobs will be added in the area by the new JBS United plant opening. Steve Schneider, JBS United’s operations manager stated, “The addition of the Washington, Iowa, feed mill facility will complement the company’s existing presence in Iowa as well as regionally in the Midwest. This will allow JBS United to expand in the region and better serve our customers.”

The mill and property consists of 2 acres of land, 27,000 sq. ft. of warehouse space, 3,000 sq. ft. of office space, 44,000 cu. ft. of outdoor storage bin capacity, 34,000 cu. ft. of interior storage space, and 13,500 cu. ft. of bulk load out storage. Additional JBS United employees will need to be hired to staff this mill and no staffing or business changes are expected at any of the other JBS United mills in the region. “This is a true expansion of the business”, stated Doug Webel, COO of JBS United’s Nutrition and Emerging Technology division, “This was a planned, strategic acquisition that will position us to better serve the region in the future.”

Beyond this new Washington, Iowa, mill, JBS United operates six additional company-owned production facilities throughout the U.S. focusing on pre-mix and base-mix products. In the U.S. market, JBS United provides nutrition products manufactured primarily in the form of feed pre-mixes, base mixes, nursery starter feeds and feed additives. The JBS United feed business has grown substantially over the years through both acquisitions and innovations that have helped the company reach more customers around the globe.

Speaking on behalf of the company, Schneider stated, “Adding this additional feed mill to the list of JBS United facilities is another example of our commitment to providing high quality animal nutrition products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers. We are excited about this purchase and our continued growth. This will help us maintain our position as one of the leading animal nutrition providers in the country.”