The Perfect Match!

Henry & Sons’ Model AC-30 stuffing pump was an ideal match for Westland Meat Co.’s new chub packer.
Packers can testify that when it comes to matching different brands of processing equipment, it can be very challenging to find compatible, top-performing systems. But the owner of Westland Meat Co., Chino, CA, however, couldn’t be happier with his decision to buy a Model AC-30 stuffing pump from Henry & Sons Inc., Bradley, CA, to use with its new KartridgPak (KP) chub packer.
“We slaughter, fab, and grind beef,” says Steve Mendell, owner of Westland Meat Co. “We do a lot of grinding. Our predominant customer is the federal government.”
After purchasing a new chub packer last year, Westland Meat Co. made the decision to buy a Model AC-30 stuffing pump from Henry & Sons — and the decision was a relatively easy one.
“We did a lot of research before buying this pump,” Mendell explains. “We bought a new KP machine, and we were trying to match it with the best pump available so we could make anywhere from one to ten-pound chubs. The AC-30 was recommended to us by some of our customers as being a superior product. And equally important, it is American-made.”
Pump highlights
Specifications for the Model AC-30 include:
• Feed-screw speed — 50 to 600 rpm (Depending on product and product temperature, these figures can vary.)
• Hopper capacity — 95 gallons or 600 pounds
• Main drive — 30 hp
• Vacuum system — 2 HP Rietscle Thomas
• Vacuum specs — 2 hp, 35.3 cfm, with overload shutdown protection
• Main frame and main body — All stainless steel construction
• Sanitation — All feed elements are removable for cleaning
• Product delivery speed — 2,000 to 45,000 pounds per hour (depending on feed screws selected.)
• Floor space required — 50 feet by 30 feet
• Weight — Approximately 3,000 pounds
Electrical data information:
• Service voltage — 480v
• Control voltage — 24v
• Hz — 60
• Fuse rating — 40
• Total amps required — 50
• Cable size — Four #10
• Includes all Allen-Bradley control components
Superior service
The AC-30 began use at Westland Meat Co. in August 2003, and so far Mendell is very happy with its performance.
“We run a full array of products from one- to ten-pound chubs, and we have had no problems with it,” he says. “The AC-30 has been a great piece of equipment for us.
And service on the AC-30 has been excellent, he adds.
“Everybody at Henry & Sons was very helpful from start-up to performing any needed adjustments,” Mendell continues. “Mark Henry [vice-president of Henry & Sons] himself and a technician installed the AC-30. It’s an excellent company, plus they’re friendly and honest.” NP
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