Packaging With Appeal

Curwood introduces a new packaging solution for pre-cooked bacon market.
The Farmer John Quick Serve Fully-Cooked Bacon contoured semi-rigid package with Curwood’s EZ Peel® Opening Feature is the first package of its style in the pre-cooked bacon market area, the company relays.
Created through the use of a horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) machine, the Farmer John contoured package represents a new solution for pre-cooked bacon. The semi-rigid film used in this application contains all the necessary properties to give this package the appropriate amount of rigidity in order to accommodate the use of a press-to-close zipper. This enables consumers to use a portion of the contents, re-close the package, and save the remainder for later use.
In addition, the semi-rigid film used in this package is critical to its success because it contains the proper barrier needed to preserve the product and prevent premature spoilage. The film also allows the package to stand up on store shelves.
Furthermore, the package utilizes Curwood’s EZ Peel opening technology just below the hermetic seal. This enables the consumer to easily open the package without the use of a sharp instrument. And because the package is recloseable, the chances of premature spoilage and waste of the product are reduced, and no secondary packaging is required by the consumer to store the product.
For marketers, this package offers a large printing area with high-color graphics to create a “billboard” effect and increase visibility on store shelves. The non-forming and forming films contain white-pigmented sealants. When using this sealant on the non-form film, the product packager saves the cost of an additional color for the graphics. Also, the pigment allows for the graphics to be much more visible on the package and adds to the product’s appeal. And because the film is contoured, it provides dual display capabilities for the retailer — either as a stand-up pouch or as a pegged package.
The Farmer John package also affords significant cost savings. By utilizing printed non-forming and semi-rigid forming films, there is no need for the product packager to use a corrugated outer package. Since the package is produced on roll stock equipment, there are significant savings over using a pre-made pouch.
Available in foil, clear, or opaque lidstock, EZ Peel® technology can be applied to a range of package configurations, from shrink packaging to tubs to lidstock for modified atmosphere trays and semi-rigid webs.
Known throughout the world for technological leadership in high-barrier packaging, Curwood is a supplier of innovative packaging materials and systems for food, beverage, household, industrial, and personal care industries. Curwood maintains strategic manufacturing and service centers throughout North America, South America, and Europe, and is well-positioned to meet global distribution and marketing needs. Headquartered in Oshkosh, WI, Curwood is part of the Bemis family of companies. NP
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