Coleman Natural Foods, a pioneer in all-natural beef, pork and poultry products, is introducing a refreshed design on all packaging beginning in April 2021.

The new look features the same bold and iconic Coleman Natural logo, with a clean white backdrop to emphasize some of the claims consumers look for most often, including humane animal raising claims, natural product guarantees, and third-party verifications.

“After conducting extensive research, we found that our classic logo still resonates thanks to the hard work my dad did in the 1970s to establish us as a pioneer in all-natural meat,” said Mel Coleman, Jr., 5th generation of the founding Coleman family. “However, we know shoppers are bombarded with labels in the meat case, so we wanted to make it easier for them to quickly and confidently choose the best product for feeding their family better.”

All Coleman Natural Foods protein is sourced from American family farms that never use antibiotics or growth promotants. The resulting product is clean, minimally processed and contains no artificial ingredients.

Pork products, including the iconic Coleman Natural bacon, kielbasa and ham, as well as fresh pork, are all sourced from American Humane Certified™ farms that raise their hogs 100% crate free, never using gestation or farrowing crates – a humane practice that is unique to much of the industry.

“More and more states are mandating meat and poultry brands to require animals have adequate space to move and interact,” said Coleman. “We’re proud that we’ve always advocated for raising animals the way nature intended and want to be sure we called that out on our packaging and further consumer confidence in their brand choices.”

All humane animal care claims made by Coleman Natural Foods are backed by a third-party, and the American Humane Certified seal is prominently displayed on the new packaging. According to a recent survey by American Humane, 65 percent of consumers look for humane animal care certifications on labels when shopping for proteins.

“We are proud of how the Coleman Natural brand has evolved, while staying true to the trail and maintaining the traditional ranching values we were raised  with,” said Coleman. “The sunrise and mountain range featured on our logo is actually the view out of the kitchen window at our family’s ranch. From where I stand, the future is looking bright.”

The new packaging will appear on grocery store shelves this spring and early summer.

Source: Coleman Natural Foods