Case-Ready Clarity

Vector Packaging`s Fresh WrapTM lidding film keeps meat safe and appealing in the package.
The fast-growing case-ready market demands high performance from its lidding film, and Vector’s Fresh Wrap™ lidding film for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) applications has stood up to the challenge. The film offers an excellent oxygen barrier to maximize shelf-life, exceptional clarity, and anti-fog properties along with an eye-catching presentation.
With the popularity of MAP packages, a film’s seal strength is becoming more important, says James Holland, director of national accounts for Vector. “If you’re packing a product at sea level and are shipping over a mountain range, the product expands,” he explains. “That’s where Fresh Wrap excels. Its heat-seal strength and green tack reduces returns from retail customers and helps plants become more efficient in throughput.”
The film is suitable for a number of applications, including ground beef, poultry, pork, hamburgers or turkey burgers, and whole-muscle cuts of beef or pork.
Improving appearances
Cargill Meat Solutions, Wichita, KS, has been using the Fresh Wrap film in its case-ready formats, and the results have been positive, the company notes.
“Through the supply chain, it can hold a tight package and prevent condensation build-up on the film,” says Mark Klein, director of communications for Cargill. “This increases the consumers’ view of the product.”
“Anti-fog is becoming more critical all the time,” Holland says, “because the retailers are demanding it. They want a product to look as much like something that was packed in the back room as possible, but without the liability of having it packed in the back room.”
At the store, the individual packages are removed from the master carton and placed in the grocers’ case, minimizing handling costs, and reducing the threat of E. coli. Vector asserts that the Fresh Wrap film can extend a product’s shelf-life up to 10 days over traditional packaging.
Fresh Wrap’s superior sealability can ensure faster line speeds by reducing production problems and downtime. The film is also versatile enough to seal equally well to plastic or foam trays. Holland notes that a processor can reduce the amount of re-work due to the strong, consistent seals throughout the plant. One customer reported a 10 percent reduction of plant waste after using the Fresh Wrap film.
The plastic film is available crystal clear or custom printed, eliminating the need for labels and creating a sharp-looking package for the retail market. Controlled shrink eliminates wrinkles and gives a tight, clean appearance as well.
“Fresh Wrap film has improved the appearance of the package presentation throughout the entire supply chain to the consumer,” Klein notes. “It supports Cargill Meat Solutions’ goal of Best in Total Value.” NP
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