Packaging Film
TPR Premium, a flexible film with EVOH barrier and a polyolefin structure, is available from CFS. The new film is transparent and printable. TPR Premium can be processed on thermoformers, as well as horizontal flowpackers. The film features all the advantages of industrial packaging, such as long shelf life of the product, barrier properties, and mass production on packaging machines. TPR Premium was developed for grab-and-go applications, such as sliced sausage or cheese, or portion packs.
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Microwave Oven
A Heat and Control/AMTek microwave oven module can be added to any new or existing oven line to increase product yields up to 15 percent and production capacity up to 50 percent, depending on product. Microwaves preheat the entire product quickly and uniformly, so cooking in the conventional oven takes less time. The oven-microwave combination can improve cooking efficiency for a variety of products, including bone-in poultry, nuggets, and bacon bits and strips.
Heat and Control Inc.,
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Metal Detection
Metter-Toledo Safeline has introduced the PowerPhasePRO, a three-frequency metal detector with a color touchscreen interface. A unique product clustering feature allows a range of products to be run through the machine without the need to change settings, while maintaining high-performance detection standards. There are no false rejects during product switchover, as the first new product down the line is automatically recognized, and the machine continues normal operation.
Mettler-Toledo Safeline,
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Wing Cutter
Dapec has improved its HR Wing Cutter to significantly reduce maintenance. The machine automatically cuts off either wings or wing drumettes. The motor and gear box have been eliminated, and the wing gears are now made of stainless-steel, round rods. The newly designed in-feed guides properly position the wings prior to cutting. This minimizes the amount of breast meat that is removed. The stationary guide bars have been simplified as they relate to the wing.
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Cleaning Liquids
Paratherm Corp. offers Sludgebusters™, a line of hot-oil system cleaning liquids. Paratherm SC™ and LC™ will remove the sludge and carbon that tends to build up in thermal-fluid systems over time. Paratherm SC will do a thorough job overnight or over a weekend on smaller systems that are shut down regularly or need to be cleaned quickly and put back online. In larger systems that run constantly, Paratherm LC cleans the system while it runs.
Paratherm Corp.,
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Reiser’s Vemag FM 250 has the ability to produce home-style hamburger patties. The high-speed servo cutter and integrated flattener produce burgers that have a homemade look and tender bite that no machine has been able to replicate until now. The unit has a Vemag HP and grinder, providing high output and exact weights. It can be used with an interlever, stacker, and high-speed shuttle to fill high-production freezers and ovens.
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Scanvaegt’s ScanCom 816™ is a shop-floor terminal consisting of a high-performance industrial computer including a 15-inch LCD screen, housed in a waterproof, stainless-steel cabinet. The ScanCom 816 is designed to meet the specific and demanding shop-floor needs of the food industry. It can be used either in touchscreen mode or keyboard mode, in which case a waterproof IP68 keyboard/mouse package is available.
Scanvaegt US Inc.,
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Oxygen Absorber
 Multisorb Technologies offers a new and improved version of the FreshMax™ self-adhesive oxygen absorber. The enhanced FreshMax contains a solid-form sorbent that is contained if a packet is accidentally sliced open. In addition it also employs a proprietary structure that assures seal adhesion and dispensing integrity. The structure allows for effective and reliable insertion into the package, which helps maintain maximum efficiency in food packaging operations.
Multisorb Technologies,
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The Treif Divider 600 vario is the only slicer in its class with the ability to slice a variety of product presentations, offering the opportunity for processors to be creative and design their own product presentations. Along with stacking, shingling, and shaving, the machine can produce oval and classic round sliced product presentations, as well as letters, numbers, hearts, or roses. The slicer can slice three-dimensionally, offering completely new ways of presenting a product.
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