Flavorseal™ Post Pasteurization Shrink Bags from CMS provide a skin-tight package that withstands the rigors and extreme temperatures of the pasteurization process to help kill surface bacteria. The bags withstand extreme temperatures — 210 F for up to 10 minutes. They become a second skin that also reduces purge, increasing product yield. The bags also enhance product appearance in a display case by helping to maintain a uniform product shape.
Carroll Manufacturing & Sales,
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Automated Packaging Systems introduces the FAS Sprint SidePouch™ Bagging System. The system offers best-in-class performances for hand-load or fully automatic operations and is capable of bagging at high speeds up to 120 bags per minute. The SidePouch features a conveyor of pre-opened bags ready for loading from a 60-inch-wide load area. After the bags are filled, the conveyor carries them through an automized bag-sealing operation and dispenses them for outfeed conveyors or bulk packaging.
Automated Packaging Systems, phone (800) 527-0733, or visit
The clarity and puncture resistance of Vector 80 High Abuse Plastic Shrink Bags makes them suitable for bone-in case-ready meat and poultry products. Available in clear plastic and popular colors like red, white, metallic blue, silver and smoked, the bags have excellent oxygen and moisture barrier properties, offer low leaker rates and long shelf life. It is also suitable for cook-in applications like steam- or water-cooking barbecued pork or beef ribs and whole turkeys.
Vector Packaging, phone (888) 227-4647, or visit

Printer Feeder System
Bell-Mark offers a new carton and card-feeder system for use with its EasyPrint line of thermal transfer printers and coders. The EasyPrint Offline feeder system offers high-quality offline overprinting coupled with a versatile and high-speed feeding system for printing on Tyvek sheets, pouches and chipboard boxes. The system allows for fast changeover and has the ability to feed a wide range of cards and cartons.
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FQSI Inc. has developed a smart label that senses spoilage in fresh meat and poultry products. freshQ™ is a stick-on freshness sensor that is applied to the outside of fresh-wrapped meat and poultry packages and detects food-borne bacteriological levels through the wrap. When the inside of the “Q” on the label is tangerine orange, the product is fresh. When the bacteria count builds to a critical level, the orange turns to gray to indicate spoilage.
Food Quality Sensor International Inc.,
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Stork’s RevoFormer, an advanced low-pressure forming machine, combines high capacity, high product quality and low cost of ownership. Unlike high-pressure formers, where products can display non-conformities in relation to the intended shape, products formed in the RevoFormer retain their typical shape and weight. The machine’s rotating mechanism also produces outputs that are three times those achieved using high-pressure forming. The RevoFormer uses air, not water, to assist the release of products from the mould.
Stork Food Systems,
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Batching System
The new dual-indexing bulking and batching system from Gainco is designed to optimize meat- and poultry-packing operations. Whether packing chicken tenders, boneless breasts, drumsticks, wings, leg quarters or chops, the system delivers versatility, durability and cost-saving performance. The system is equipped with a smart conveyor that automatically indexes product containers following the bulk/batch cycle. The dual-load cell improves settle time and increases accuracy and throughput, up to 980 pounds per minute.
Gainco Inc.,
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Koch Equipment offers German-made MADO grinders and mixer/grinders, which enable meat processors to increase production, improve quality and increase profits. They are designed with a patented transport feed and cutting system that features two uniquely designed feed augers that work together to equally and gently distribute the product, resulting in clearer particle definition and reductions in product smear and temperature rise.
Koch Equipment LLC,
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PolyConversions, makers of VR Protective Wear, introduces VR Wipes. The pre-moistened de-greaser towels remove fats, greases and oils from impervious protective wear and other meat contact surfaces. The wipes have been designed and formulated to materially reduce the bio-load accumulation on impervious apparel, gloves, cutting tools, instruments and worksurfaces when used in a continual plant-wide cleaning program. The wipe’s no-rinse formula contains no color additives or fragrances.
PolyConversions Inc.,
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MAP Equipment
Automated and integrated gas analyzing, gas mixing, gas flow control and in-line leak-detection equipment available from PBI-Dansensor America enable packagers and marketers of processed, pre-sliced deli products to extend shelf-life freshness, eliminate product handling and reduce customers’ space requirements and point-of-serve costs. The total quality process utilizes the company’s in-line gas analyzing, mixing and flow-control systems for total management of the modified-atmosphere packaging process.
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The Revoband Continuous Oven, designed and manufactured by Double D Food Engineering and distributed by Risco USA, can cook large quantities of patties while retaining consistent cook and color across the belt. The oven uses indirect gas firing and can produce high temperatures while giving separate and dedicated control over both top and bottom heat. The cooker also has a menu- driven, touchscreen PLC controller, which allows cooking parameters to be programmed for every batch.
Risco USA,
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Poly-Clip System Corp. offers the TSCA-N automatic sealing/clipping machine. It processes flat film from a roll into a ready-to-fill casing, which is securely closed by the integral clipper. All commonly used films, as well as laminates up to 65mm caliber can be processed as up to 130 cycles per minute. The automatic looper allows loops to be clipped on so that single sausages and chains can be hung.
Poly-Clip System Corp.,
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Meat Tenderizing
Tender King bone-in and boneless meat tenderizing equipment, distributed by CEBI Inc., offers easy cleanability and sanitation. Cleanup costs and possibilities of contamination with Tender King Models are greatly reduced. Features include transparency of design, rapid insertion and removal of tenderizing heads, simplified electrical system and improved conveyor performance.
CEBI Inc.,
phone (540) 364-1841,

Product Infeeding
The ScanFeeder 7700™ from Scanvaegt is the first automatic product-feeding equipment on the market using drum vacuum technology. It is designed primarily to automatically feed a wide range of different products, one by one, to an automatic weighing machine installed downstream in the processing line. The ScanFeeder picks up semi-soft products one at a time from any disorderly flow and delivers them in the required orderly flow at high speeds.
Scanvaegt U.S. Inc.,
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