A single unit that can steam-cook or roast, all in the same chamber, while still producing a consistently good color is an important asset for processors with a wide range of poultry products or home-replacement meals. The Revorack multi-purpose oven, developed by Double D and available in the United States through Risco USA, can cook at temperatures up to 540 degrees or combination-cook with a mixture of humidity and high temperature.
Risco USA, phone (888) 474-7267, or visit www.riscousa.com

Uniform heating allows Heat and Control’s AirForce® impingement oven to cook many meat, poultry and seafood products up to twice as fast as comparable impingement ovens. Independent fans mounted in the hood and base force superheated steam onto product surfaces from above and below. Regardless of its location on the conveyor, each product piece is cooked uniformly without the need to overcook.
Heat and Control, phone (510) 259-0500, or visit www.heatandcontrol.com

Spinal Cord Remover
Jarvis Products introduces two new types of tail bone spinal cord removers — the SPC 165GTAIL (pneumatic) and the SHC 165GTAIL (hydraulic). Both tools incorporate the latest patented technology for removing the spinal cord channel in the tail bone area, including the spinal cord, sheath, missplit and the meninges (spinal cord skin). It minimizes the amount of central nervous system tissue, where BSE risk material exists, left in the channel.
Jarvis Products Corp., phone (860) 347-7271, or visit www.jarvisproducts.com

Protective Apparel
For full-coverage protective apparel and cost savings in foodservice or food processing environments, CMS introduces the first disposable barrier-control garment with apron and sleeves attached. The Flavorseal® Frock is an alternative to the white butcher coat. Used to enhance food safety, the embossed, 3-mil polyethylene frock repels liquids and offers warmth with light weight.
CMS, phone (440) 937-3900, or visit www.carrollmfg.com

Printer Fume Extractor
Continuous inkjet printers are used in the food industry to apply information, identification codes, best before dates and more into products and packaging. The solvent fumes given off by some printers can be overpowering and unpleasant for personnel. Purex has developed a fume extractor that uses a specially formulated blend of activated carbon and a chemisorbent media to filter the solvent fumes from the extracted air.
Purex Americas, phone (866) 360-5675, or visit www.purexltd.co.uk

Protective Linings
Industrial Solutions USA has formed to provide business-to-business customers quality sprayed on/cast lining, coating and composite protection solutions for their business needs. The company focuses on protective solutions such as secondary and primary monolithic containment, sound attenuation, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, blast and ballistic mitigation, high-heat protection, corrosion protection and work surface protection for commercial, industrial and government/Department of Defense markets.
Industrial Solutions USA, phone (605) 274-9295

Poly-Clip Corp. offers the TSCA-N automatic sealing/clipping machine. It processes flat film from a roll into a ready-to-fill casing, which is securely closed by the integral clipper. All commonly used films, as well as laminates up to 65mm caliber can be processed. The automatic looper allows loops to be clipped on so that single sausages and chains can be hung up.
Poly-Clip System Corp., phone (800) 872-2547, or visit www.polyclip.com

Conveyor Technologies’ Multi-Flex VSC conveyor system brings great flexibility in assembly/changeover ease to low-profile angle conveyors. The VSC (variable-shape conveyor) system’s three different angle selections — 30, 45 and 60 degrees — can be assembled into eight different conveyor types to transfer product between different elevation patterns. Designed for fast assembly and reconfiguration, the system combines quick endless bolt removal and tension/tracking system with rapid, accurate belt calibration.
Conveyor Technologies, phone (513) 248-0663, or visit www.conveyortechltd.com

Dorner’s offering of a vacuum option on its 2200 Series conveyor platform makes it the lowest-profile vacuum conveyor on the market today. The low-profile 2200 Series, with a frame height of 1.87 inches, is able to fit in extremely tight spaces. It can be used in a variety of applications, such as for holding parts to a conveyor belt while moving up an incline or down a decline, as well as other applications.
Dorner Mfg., phone (800) 397-8664, or visit www.dorner.com

Wonderware has added two new products to its line of industrial computers. The new Thin Client Computer and Box PC industrial systems come bundled with HMI (human-machine interface) software and offer flexibility, versatility and are plug-and-play ready for immediate operation in a variety of industrial settings. The Box PC is a fanless, dust-protected computer which will operate with most commercially available display units. It integrates easily into existing plant automation and information systems.
Wonderware, phone (949) 727-3200, or visit www.wonderware.com

Case-Ready Meat Pads
Sealed Air introduces Cryovac® Multi-Loc™ absorbent pads for case-ready meats. Possessing non-woven material on both sides, these multipurpose pads provide an absorbent, slide-resistant solution for meat when displayed in a shingled format within the retail case. Suitable for MAP applications, the non-woven material provides more rapid absorption to effectively remove unsightly purge. They are available in a range of custom sizes to fit the footprint of the tray.
Sealed Air, phone (800) 845-3456, or visit www.multi-loc.com

Wear Strips
A line of peel-and-stick UHMW wear strips that can be affixed to chutes, conveyors and other surfaces without drilling and mechanical fasteners are available from Slideways Inc. The adhesive-backed wear strips feature a high-shear-strength adhesive that fully adheres to virtually any substrate material to provide a low-friction and high wear-resistant surface. The strips are suitable for a variety of applications requiring superior abrasion resistance.
Slideways Inc., phone (800) 298-7543, or visit www.slideways.com

The new RS 205 is a compact and versatile vacuum filler from Risco USA that incorporates all the characteristics of the larger Risco models, including the exclusive long-life product pump. Its versatility permits easy changeover for different kinds of products, and new multifunction computerized controls allows a large selection of programs to be managed. The RS 205 also can be easily connected to most Risco equipment and accessories to meet any future expansion plans.
Risco USA, phone (888) 474-7267, or visit www.riscousa.com

Livestock Tracking
Farnam and Z® Tags offer a portable radio frequency identification (RFID) tag recorder. The new Farnam LTS Tag Recorder is a rugged Palm®-based personal digital assistant (PDA) with an integrated RFID reader and data accumulator designed for a variety of applications in livestock identification. It functions as a stand-alone unit in the field and comes with a user-definable software interface that can be customized with multiple sets of data collection fields to suit individual requirements.
Farnam, phone (800) 511-4744, or visit www.farnamLTS.com

Vector is offering free literature on its Enhance™ Coated Casings. Enhance SmokeKote®, ColorKote® and RoastKote® can be used with turkey, ham and beef in round, rectangular and D-shapes, and they are available in several variations for a range of flavors and surface colors. The Enhance casings improve surface color with no nicks or flaking while delivering appetizing aroma and tastes. The selection of flavors and color choices are detailed in the literature.
Vector Packaging, phone (888) 227-4647, or visit www.vectorpackaging.com

Microwave Tempering
Uniform application of microwaves quickly, accurately and safety tempers frozen foods using the Heat and Control/AMTek microwave tempering system. Compared to tempering rooms, the microwave system significantly reduces drip loss, providing higher product yields. It provides rapid on-demand tempering, eliminating the need to maintain inventories of tempered product. It also saves floor space and eliminates multiple handling operations.
Heat and Control, phone (510) 259-0500, or visit www.heatandcontrol.com

Mettler-Toledo Safeline introduces Explorer, a software program designed to network Safeline metal detectors from multiple locations to a central computer. The program provides secure, real-time operating status for every metal detector on the network from anywhere in the world. All data is automatically compiled and logged and are exportable into any ODBC-compliant application, such as Microsoft® Access® and Excel® or Crystal Reports® and others. The software is also compatible with other existing corporate audit systems.
Mettler-Toledo Safeline Inc., phone (800) 447-4439, or visit www.mt.com/safelineus

Bell-Mark introduces to the paper tube, core and cornerboard markets a 1-2 Color flexographic printing system. Printing customer logos and product ID specifications provides a positive selling feature versus competitive non-printed products. The system is available for single-color or two-color printing applications, and requires no electrical connections or drive motors. Features include lateral plate cylinder adjustment along with a 360 degree running registration control.
Bell-Mark Inc., phone (973) 882-0202, or visit www.bell-mark.com

Batching System
Batching systems from Gainco provide a highly efficient, high-speed way to collect and group meat, poultry and other food items for bagging or boxing. Available in multi-station configurations to meet the needs of individual production lines, the systems accumulate product at each station by weight or count, then dump each batch into a flighted conveyor for coordinated delivery to a bagging or boxing system. Each station can be tracked for long-term monitoring and productivity optimization.
Gainco Inc., phone (770) 534-0703, or visit www.gainco.com

Lift Truck
The Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp. announces the ETR 320, a new pantographic reach truck specially engineered for high productivity. It boasts a three-stage mast, and a rock-steady pantograph mechanism enabling precise load placements at heights up to 33 feet. Its high productivity stems from a powerful combination of high-energy efficiency, great ergonomic design, excellent load and fork visibility, and smooth lift-hydraulics.
Jungheinrich Lift Truck Corp.,
phone (804) 737-6084, or visit www.jungheinrich-us.com

Emulsifying System
The CFS EcoCut CAP-2 provides maximum capacity, flexibility, runtime and lifetime while conveying, comminuting, emulsifying and evacuating. Everything is fully automatic with consistently high quality. Compared with its predecessor, the production capacity of the CFS EcoCut CAP-2 has increased by thirty percent. Reasons include a powerful pump and comminuting system, an optimized emulsifying head and the fully automatic knife system of the automatic emulsifying system.
CFS, phone (214) 618 1100, or visit www.cfs.com

Replacing wood screen frames with all-metal Automatic Tensioning Screen Frames from Rotex improves efficiency, speed, repeatability and cleanliness. The frames feature a patented design for attaching screen clothing to unitized frames with unique Quick-Snap spring tension clips. The clips permit quick removal and replacement of screen clothing and ensure constant, uniform tension across the entire screen surface for superior screening, reduced screen blinding and longer screen life.
Rotex Inc., phone (800) 453-2321, or visit www.rotex.com

Labeling System
The new Multivac 6000 cross-web labeling system features a redesigned dispensing head for optimal sanitation, easier operation with touch panel display, and increased cycle speeds to accelerate production by as much as 33 percent. The system applies a wide range of label sizes and can be used for RFID label placement.
Multivac Inc., phone (816) 891-0555, or visit www.multivac.com

Master-Bilt, manufacturer of a full line of premier commercial refrigeration systems, unveils its new Anti-Sweat Module (ASM-115) for glass door walk-ins. The new ASM-115 alleviates condensation build-up on glass doors and frames, for continuous product visibility, while also significantly reducing energy costs. The ASM-115 runs heaters when the door surface temperature is lower than the dew point. An exterior-mounted door frame sensor modulates the door and frame heaters as needed.
Master-Bilt, phone (800) 647-1284, or visit www.master-bilt.com